Hi everyone! It's that time of year again, time for the 3rd Annual CnR Halloween Update! Get your best costumes on and get ready for some serious trick-or-treating! Our regulars should be familiar with the halloween features, but in case you aren't, head over to the What's New / Changed page for a complete list of special features and changes. Watch out for your house becoming haunted!

As a special bonus, all house prices have been reduced by 15 percent for the duration of this event, and there are a few special clothing items which you will get from some of the halloween features.

As usual, we hope you enjoy the CnR Halloween Update and we hope you have fun. Visit the forums to post pics of your best costumes! Don't forget to donate if you can, to help keep the servers running!

Happy Halloween!

CnR Ver 20.1 Halloween Update - What's New / Changed
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Happy Halloween