Hi everybody, I wanted to take some time to let everyone know about CnR Radio, an online radio station created by CnR community members. CnR Radio is now streaming live 24/7, with DJs from the community playing all sorts of different music as often as possible. Different DJs play different genres, so there's a bit of something for everyone. CnR radio is hosted by community members and not by CnR itself, however we consider it the official radio of CnR.

You can tune in to CnR Radio by visiting their website at http://cnr-radio.com/, there are many different options for tuning in on their website. You can also tune-in directly in-game by using the /cnrradio command. If you want to request songs or find out what is playing and who's the current DJ, you can visit their IRC channel #cnr.radio on irc.tl

Thanks to SphincterBonair and Depleted for making CnR Radio possible.
Be sure to tune-in and check it out!

CnR Radio Website - Tune-In and listen!

CnR Radio