Hello everybody! Spring is already here, and I realize there hasn't been much (or any) news on website lately, but we've all been quite busy over the past few months. We're still working hard behind the scenes to keep the servers up and running, and I'd like to thank all the admins who keep everything going, and all the donating players who make it possible for everyone to play CnR.

As part of an ongoing CnR tradition, we have decided to highlight the Easter holidays with a few special in-game additions! So for the next two days, the Easter Bunny will be dropping eggs in random spots; finding them will reward you with a gift. You can also use the /givegift command to give a gift to another player. Be sure to check it out quickly, this event won't last long!

I'd also like to invite all the CnR players to join our Community Forums, it's the best place to get the most recent news on what's going on in the world of CnR, and also a great place to meet and get to know other players in the CnR community.

Happy Easter and have fun!

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Easter 2012