Hello Everyone! A quick update today to let you all know that the final version of SA-MP 0.3e has now been officially released. We have updated the CnR servers, they are now both running on SA-MP 0.3e, so everyone will have to download and install the new SA-MP client. As usual, you will not be able to connect to the CnR if you do not have the latest version of SA-MP installed.

You can find a complete list of what's new/changed in SA-MP 0.3e on the SA-MP website, and we should have a small update ready this weekend with a few of the new 0.3e features integrated into CnR. A big Thanks to everyone who took the time to help and test SA-MP 0.3e on server #2. Have fun and see you on the servers!

SA-MP Website - Download and Install the SA-MP 0.3e Client