CnR Halloween Update

Happy Halloween everyone! It's that time of year again, and we have now released the CnR Halloween Update. Put on your best halloween costumes and prepare for zombies everywhere! The usual halloween features are available during the update, including trick-or-treating at houses, possessed players, hidden pumpkins, and gifts from the admins and bots. You can also use /givegift during the update, so be generous! For those of you who are new to the Halloween Update, be sure to visit the What's New / Changed page for a full list of Halloween features.

As a bonus this year, we'll be having a Best Halloween Costume competition, so be sure to visit the forums and post pictures of your best halloween costumes. The winners might even get a special bonus! Check out the CnR Forums for more information.

In other news, the next CnR Update is currently in progress, with lots of new game features and adjustments that we think everyone will enjoy. Be sure to check back often for more news and updates. We hope you all enjoy the Halloween Event, have fun and stay away from cabins in the woods!

CnR Halloween Update - What's New / Changed
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Happy Halloween

10 Years of CnR!

10 years ago, I decided to start a small game server with the idea of cops and robbers in GTA. I never thought it would be anything serious, or that it would last very long. But people joined, and they enjoyed it. Some got involved in running the server and creating the game mode. Soon, something great was born: the CnR Community.

Here we are today, 10 years later, and CnR is alive and going strong. We have all come a long way, and we've been through a lot. CnR has managed to overcome some pretty major obstacles over the years, proving just how loyal and dedicated this community really is. People have grown up here, friendships and relationships have been created, and we've all had a lot of fun along the way. You may have been here for 10 years, or you may be new, but you should all be proud that you're part of something special.

10 years is quite an accomplishment, and it wouldn't have been possible without all of you. I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone..
To the admins, who make up the best team anyone could hope for, and who basically take care of all the day to day on the servers, forums and irc. You guys keep CnR running each and every day.
To Mr.X, who has always been very silent and humble but so essential to keeping all the parts of CnR running. This all couldn't have existed without you.
To all the people who have donated over the years. You guys have funded the CnR servers and website for nearly 10 years now.
To the SA-MP team, who created this game we all play. You let me make a game that I had dreamed of for years, and share it with so many people.
And last but not least, to everyone who has been part of this great community. Without you, there is no CnR. Thank you for making it live for 10 years.

We have no plans to end CnR anywhere in the near future. As long as donations keep paying for the servers and website, CnR will still be around. And despite whatever may happen, the CnR Community will live on for a very long time. I'm sure many of us will always remember the people we've met and the fun times we've had here, I know I will. Thank you to everyone for being a part of this, and Long Live CnR!

Here are a few CnR total stats over the years:

864.6 years (real time) of connect time 10.2 million arrests
38.5 years (real time) spent in jail 34.9 million tickets issued
623.6 million km traveled (distance to the moon: 370,300 km) 1590 million grams of drugs taken
18.2 million game days 15,934,676,000,000$ earned
12.6 million deaths 398,223,989,000$ taxes paid
210.4 million crimes committed 594,424 deer killed

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CnR 10 Years

CnR Christmas Update

Happy Holidays! Christmas time is here once again, and so today we're releasing this years CnR Christmas Update. Time to get your Santa Hat, and give out a lot of fruit cake!

For those of you who are new to the Christmas Update, you can type /tree near any Christmas Tree to receive a gift, you can find christmas trees all over the city. Players can also use /givegift to send gifts to other players. Admins and bots will also be giving out gifts during the holiday event, and you might even get gifts from Santa! As usual with Holiday Events, all houses are also 15% off, so it's a good time to go house shopping.

Dont forget to visit the CnR Forums for the latest news and to get to know the community. You can also join us on IRC Chat, #cnr on We hope to see you there!

Finally, I'd like to wish the entire CnR Community a safe and happy holiday season. A big thanks to everyone who is part of this great community, we hope to see you all here next year! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

Version 23.3 - Halloween Update

Happy Halloween everyone! Today we are releasing CnR Version 23.3 along with the annual CnR Halloween Update. As usual, you'll find all the regular halloween goodies in-game like hidden pumpkins, trick-or-treating at houses or possessed players. Player gift giving is also enabled for the halloween event, so be generous! Along with the Halloween Update, we fixed some other issues and made a few changes and adjustments that will hopefully help with game balance. Visit the What's New / Changed page for full update details.

Be sure to tune in to CnR Radio during the Halloween Event, the CnR Radio DJs have prepared some special halloween mixes! As usual, the admins will be hosting fun events in-game, so be sure to check it out. We hope you enjoy the update and Halloween Event. Have fun!

CnR C2 Version 23.3 - What's New / Changed
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Happy Halloween

No Guns Weekend

It's that time once again, CnR No Guns Weekend is here! For those of you who weren't here last year, no players will have any guns for the entire No Guns Weekend. You will not be able to purchase or receive guns, this includes police and other law enforcement agents. As the name implies, this event will last for the whole weekend. Melee weapons are still available, and you can always find other, creative ways of defending yourself.

As a souvenir of this year's No Guns Weekend, all registered players will receive a Gun Holster to hold the guns you can't have. We hope you enjoy this CnR Event. Have fun, and Thanks Obama!

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CnR No Guns Weekend