October 22nd 2010 - CnR Version 16 Released

It's finally here! After a lot of work, Version 16 is now on the server. This release has quite a few new game features, and lots of fixes and adjustments. From a GPS to help people find locations, to a stock market which expands upon the CnR economy, there should be enough new stuff to keep you busy for a while! Check out the What's New Page for a complete list of new features and changes.

As usual, you, the players, are the best testers out there. Be sure to report any issues with the new version on the Forums. Finally, don't forget to donate to help keep CnR running! We've still got more updates and more new features planned, but we need your help to support the costs of hosting the servers and website.

I hope you enjoy the update, have fun and see you on the server!

CnR C2 Version 16 - What's New

CnR Version 16 Released

August 21st 2010 - SA-MP 0.3b Released

Hi everyone! Time for a little update on what's been going on... First of all, a new version of SA-MP has been released. SA-MP 0.3b includes important security fixes as well as new features. Visit the SA-MP Website for complete details. The CnR servers have been updated to SA-MP 0.3b, so you will need to download and install the new SA-MP Client, or you will not be able to connect.

Furthermore, a new CnR update is on the way. Version 16 will include many much needed fixes along with some new features. More information on this update will be coming soon. If you want to support CnR and keep the servers running, please remember to donate if you can! We've gone on this long thanks to the community, and I'd like to thank everyone who supports CnR.

In other news, we now have new CnR Discussion Forums. Be sure to check them out, you'll find lots of useful info there. It's also a great place to get to know the CnR community. We've also moved our Official IRC Channel to a new network, irc.tl. Feel free to come and chat!

Official SA-MP Website - Download SA-MP 0.3b
CnR Discussion Forums

December 13th 2009 - CnR Version 15 Released

Hello everyone! The holidays are here once again, and our first gift to you is a script update! CnR C2 Version 15 is now out, with some new game features and bug fixes. Version 15 should end the sequence of minor script updates we've been doing since the release of SA-MP 0.3, and we've got big plans for the next script update! But more news on that later.

Over the next few days, we'll be adding more christmas features to the server. You can expect to see decorations, you might receive a gift or two and there will be lots of events hosted by the admins. We hope you'll have fun!

Check out what's new / changed on the What's New Page, and see you on the server soon. Happy holidays!

CnR C2 Version 15 - What's New

October 17th 2009 - SA-MP 0.3a Released

Hi everyone! Today is a big day for CnR, as a New Version of SA-MP has been released! SA-MP 0.3a has been in beta testing for a while now, and was officially released today.

We have already updated both servers to this new version of SA-MP, so you will have to download the new SA-MP 0.3a Client from the SA-MP Website if you want to be able to join the servers. You can also find a complete list of the new features in SA-MP 0.3a on the SA-MP website.

As for CnR itself, we're stil working on adding the new SA-MP features to the script. There are still many things to add, and some bugs / issues to fix. You can expect multiple script updates in the next few days/weeks. Hope to see you on the servers!

SA-MP Website - Get the SA-MP 0.3a Client.

July 5th 2009 - CnR Beta 14 Released

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while, but Beta 14 is now here! We've tried to add a lot of new game features, like new missions. We've also given two of the least popular classes, prostitute and kidnapper, some fun new stuff. We also wanted to reduce some of the frustration caused by the death / new life system. CnR has changed a lot over the years, and players now have many reasons to want to keep their lives going, such as houses or birthdays. This is why the new life system has been completely redone, with the idea that only you can decide when you want to clear your current data and start a new life. The new system also encourages you to live longer, by reducing your medical fees every day you stay alive.

Check out the What's New page to find out what's been changed and what's been added. I'll try to get the website reference section updated with information about the new missions and features over the next week.

CnR C2 Beta 14 - What's New