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December 25th 2008 - Happy Holidays
Hi everyone! We wanted to wish you all a merry christmas and happy new years! To celebrate our third christmas on SA-MP, some small holiday surprises have been added to the script, such as christmas themed delivery items. The admins will also be giving out random gifts, so be sure not to miss any special events! Have a happy holiday season, and hope to see you on the server soon!

November 23rd 2008
Hello everyone! A new version of SA-MP has been released, SA-MP 0.2X. This update is not optional, so the CnR servers are being updated. Server 1 has already been updated, and server 2 will be updated within a few days. You will not be able to join a 0.2X server with an old client and vice-versa, so please visit the
SA-MP Website to download the new client and for a list of what's changed.
A minor CnR update is also coming to fix some minor bugs and problems in Beta 12.5, it will probably be released when server 2 is updated to 0.2X. In the meantime, please upgrade your SA-MP client as soon as possible, and see you on the server!

SA-MP Website - Update To 0.2X Client!

November 15th 2008
Hi everyone! CnR C2 Beta 12.5 is now on the server. This update mostly adds new houses (twice as many) and new house features, such as co-owners, renting, and players selling their houses to other players. There's also some other new features that many people should enjoy, like a fish cooler to carry more fish and the ability to sell your fish to other players. Visit the What's New Page for a complete list of what's new and changed.

CnR C2 Beta 12.5 - What's New/Changed
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September 24th 2008
Hello everyone! I hope you're all enjoying Beta 12. We're currently working on an update which will add some new features to Houses, as well as a few fixes for other minor problems. It should be ready soon, be sure to visit the forums for more information.
In other news, the Screenshot Gallery is back up, with a brand new look and feel, thanks to Mr.X. So be sure register and post your screenshots! The Player Stats page has also been updated with individual stats, and Race Challenge Records have been added to the race challenge section.

Screenshot Gallery
Player Stats
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