Hi folks,

As we celebrate 15 years (!) of Cops & Robbers in SA:MP this year, we're going to be hosting a few admin-led events to get everyone together over the coming weeks and months.

To kick things off, we'll be having a party on Saturday, 6th March at 16:20 UTC in Server 1, running for the entire game week. For the local time in your time zone, see here.

This first event will have a racing theme to it. Back in March 2006, a couple of months prior to the release of Cops & Robbers Beta 1.0 on SA:MP, you could find us speeding around San Andreas in the original MTA:SA server. Expect some pedal-to-the-metal escapades, old-school car chases, high-stakes racing, and a healthy dose of admin abuse.

Looking forward to seeing you there!