Crimes are illegal activities that you commit in the game. Any crime committed will increase your Wanted Level based on its severity. Wanted level can add up if you do not lower it. You can check your or other players' last crimes using /crimes [nick/id].

Crimes List

At lower wanted level cops can issue you tickets in order to lower your wanted level. Not paying tickets will result in an issued warrant.

Ticket Issued

When you have been issued a warrant cops are able to arrest you and put you in jail.


Once you have been put in jail you have the following options:

  1. Wait for your jail time to expire and get out of jail by either paying your bail or being paroled by a cop or another player
  2. Attempt to escape the jail using /escape (/esc). Other players can also help you to escape the jail using /breakout (nick/id) (/bo (nick/id)). Upon a successful jail escape you will gain Most Wanted Level (Wanted Level 10). Failing a jail escape attempt can result in being chained to your jail cell (no more escape attempts).
  3. Bribe police officers (/bribe [amount]) in order to lower your jail time. Your jail time will be lowered based on the bribe amount. However, if your bribe gets refused your jail time will increase.
  4. Appeal your jail sentence (explained below)

Jail Sentence Appeal

By appealing your jail sentence (/appeal) you will be asked to plead your case in a short message. 15 Random players (including bots) are selected as jurors, and get to decide your fate. You cannot appeal your sentence if your crimes were violent (murder).

Sentence Appeal

Sentence Appeal Sent

Lowering Wanted Level

You may /bribe [amount] police officers in order to lower your wanted level. Wanted level will be decreased based on the amount bribed, only if the police officer accepts your bribe. When a bribe is refused your wanted level will increase.

Staying away from cops for a certain period of time will decrease your wanted level as well.

Confessing your sins at any church might also decrease your wanted level.