The Detailed Radar Mod changes your plain old radar images into detailed satellite photos of San Andreas! All that's missing is the names of places. This is great for cops and robbers! I have included complete installation instructions to make it easier.

Old Radar

Old Radar

New Radar

Detailed Radar

By: Sérgio Moraes, Jr and

Click Here To Download Detailed Radar Mod


  1. Download Detailed Radar Mod
  2. Download San Andreas Mod Installer
  3. Install SA Mod Installer and launch
  4. In SA Mod Installer, find and select the Detailed Radar Mod archive that you just downloaded in step 1 (
  5. The Detailed Radar Mod is now installed
  6. Beware of Long file names and directories, I had problems trying to install from my desktop
  7. You will have to Rebuild your GTA3.img file with ImgTool, or some radar images will be in the wrong place

If you have any problems please check the Forums.