Map And Radar Icons

All houses will show up as red checkpoints. Houses you own or have access to will show up on your map and radar as the following icons:

  • Save Icon You are the Owner / Co-Owner of this House, or you are Renting this House.
  • Green House Icon You are not the owner of this House, but you have access to it. (Keys, Invite)
  • Red House Icon A Wanted Criminal is inside this house, you can enter. (Police Only)


House Icon Pickups

Since Version 23, house checkpoints have been replaced by House Icon pickups. House Icon colors:

  • Green - For Sale By Bank
  • Red - Owned / Not For Sale
  • Blue - For Rent
  • Yellow - For Sale By Owner

House Purchasing

Before you decide to purchase a house, you should shop around. There are over 1500 houses in San Andreas, each with a different price and style.

Houses can be sold by the bank if they are unoccupied, or they can be sold by the owner. The Bank typically sells houses for their current value, and offers a 10% discount to full time Police Officers. Only House Owners can set their own sale price. Some houses allow you to save your vehicle (Car Save) when you quit the server.

House values can change with time, so properties can become investments. Here are factors that affect house values:

  • Location. Houses in highly populated areas are worth much more than houses in small towns.
  • Distance from Current City. Houses within the currently played city are worth more.
  • Car Save. A house with a car save point is worth more than a house without a car save point.
  • Times Purchased. Each time a house is purchased, it's value will increase.
  • Global City House Market. The house market is affected by supply and demand.
  • CnR Prime Rate. A higher Prime Rate means higher house prices.

Don't forget to visit the house before purchasing it so you can have a look inside before you buy it. Visits last a maximum of 1 game hour and you must be innocent to visit a house.


House Ownership / Co-Owner / Renting

Each player can be the owner of 2 different houses, and co-owner of 8 different houses. Each player can also rent 10 different houses. Once you have purchased a house, it will remain yours until you lose your current life. You LOSE your houses if you lose your LIFE.

You will also lose your houses if you don't visit them for at least 2 weeks (Real Life Time), so if you plan on being away for a while, you should sell your houses first. Visiting means entering the House, not just being on the server.

If you quit while inside your own house, you will respawn there when you rejoin the server. To save your car (if your house has car save), simply park it in the houses driveway before entering your house to quit. You must wait at least 6 game hours before rejoining for your vehicle to appear when you spawn.

House Co-Owners have complete access to the house and its storage, except for house sale price, rent price, and house pets. Co-Owners and Rent Tenants can quit and respawn at a house, and they can also use the house's car save point. Other authorized visitors (keys, invite, password) can also quit inside it to respawn there when they rejoin. They cannot use the car save point however.

Rent is automatically paid by Tenants each gameday that they pass in the server. Rent Tenants pay the price that was set when they first signed the rent contract, later price changes will not affect their rent fee. House owners can evict all rent tenants at any time. Houses cannot be for rent if they are for sale by owner.

Houses are subject to property and/or co-owner taxes. Property and Co-Owner taxes are automatically paid every two (2) gamedays. Failure to pay your property taxes twice in a row will result in one of your houses being seized in order to pay your outstanding taxes. These taxes apply to all players, including donating players. Taxes also apply to your house storage.

Certain crimes, like urination and farting, are legal inside your own house. You can also legally murder any wanted criminals (warrant) who are inside your house. This applies to owners, co-owners and rent tenants.

House Owner / Co-Owner Menu

Once you're inside a house that you own, type /house or Press the Sub-Mission Key for a House Menu. Here are the options:

  • Storage: Access your House Storage. (See "House Storage" Section)
  • Set Rent Price: (Owner Only) Set your House Rent Price (per gameday). Changing your rent price will not affect current rent contracts. You cannot rent your house if it is for sale by owner.
  • Send House Invite: Invite another player to your house once only. (See "House Visiting" Section)
  • Give House Keys: Gives the keys to your house to another player. (See "House Visiting" Section)
  • Give Co-Owner Keys: (Owner Only) Gives the co-owner keys of your house to another player. Co-Owners will have full access to your house and storage, except house rent, house sell price and house pets.
  • Change House Name: Lets you change the name of your house. 48 Characters Maximum.
  • Set / Change House Access Password: Lets you set or change your house access password. Anyone who knows your house access password will be able to enter your house as a visitor at anytime. 9 Characters Maximum.
  • Change Locks And Keys: Changes your house locks. Anyone who had the key to your house will no longer be able to get in unless you give them the new key.
  • Change Co-Owner Locks: Changes your house co-owner locks. Anyone who was Co-Owner of your house will no longer have access unless you give them the new key.
  • House Open To Public: If your house is open to the public, anyone can enter without an invite or keys. Great for parties, but bad for robberies.
  • House Alarm: An Alarm system can alert all owners, co-owners and the police anytime someone breaks into your house. Having an alarm increases the value of your house.
  • Super Lock: The Super Lock makes it much more difficult for anyone to break into your house. A Super Lock increases the value of your house.
  • House Pet: (Owner Only) Purchase / Maintain your house pet. Pets can protect your house from intruders. Certain pets have a higher chance of attacking intruders, and some will deal a higher damage when attacking intruders. Pets must be fed daily, pet food fees are automatically paid from your pocket cash.
  • Kick Player From House: Kicks a specified player out of your house. You cannot kick a police officer out of your house if a wanted suspect is inside.
  • Kick All Players From House: Kicks everyone out of your house. You cannot kick a police officer out of your house if a wanted suspect is inside.
  • Evict All Rent Tenants: Ends all current rent contracts.
  • Get House Evaluation: Displays the full market value and tax rate of your house.
  • Set House For Sale / Cancel Sale: (Owner Only) Set your house as "For Sale By Owner". Once you set the sale price, other players will be able to purchase your house when you are on the server. Placing your house for sale will cancel all current rent contracts.
  • Sell House To Bank: Sell your house back to the bank. You will not receive full market value for selling your house back, however you can still make money if the housing market has gone up.
  • House Stats: Displays House Stats.


House Visiting

Innocent civilians can visit houses that are for sale for 1 game hour to help them decide if they want to purchase it. Once a house is owned, entry is limited to other civilians. Police officers can always enter a house with a suspect inside. Here are the different ways to enter an owned house:

  • Knock At The Door: If the owner is on the server, you can knock at the door. The owner can then decide if he/she wants to let you in. A door knock / answer will let you enter a house only once.
  • House Invite: You can receive an invite to a house without knocking at the door. House Invites will give you access to the house for a limited amount of time, but you can enter and exit as much as you want.
  • House Keys: House keys give you access to a house whenever you want as long as the owner doesn't change the locks. You can carry up to 10 different house keys. If you already have 10 and receive more, the key that hasn't been used the longest is removed.
  • Break In: If the owner of the house is on the server, you can attempt to break in. If your break in is successful and the owner is inside the house or the house is equipped with an alarm, you will be reported to the police.
  • House Access Password: If the house has an access password, you can enter it to gain access to the house.

Once inside a House, type /house or Press the Sub-Mission Key for a House Menu. Here are the options:

  • Storage: Depending on owner settings, visitors can place items in a house's storage. They cannot remove items from storage, or see it's inventory however. Visitors can enter the house storage password (if set) to gain full access to the house's storage.
  • House Stats: Displays House Stats and Information.
  • Purchase / Rent House: If the house is for sale or rent, you can purchase or rent it from inside.

House Storage

House Owners can place many different things in storage. Once inside your house, type /storage or use the House Menu to access your storage. The following items can be placed in storage:

  • Money
  • 25 Condoms
  • 25 Flowers
  • 5000 Grams of Drugs (Civilian Only)
  • 25 Drug Seeds (Civilian Only)
  • 25 Deer Traps (Civilian Only)
  • 10 Fish (Civilian Only)
  • 20 pieces of clothing

Be careful, because any of these items can be stolen in a house robbery!

Your storage will automatically be cleared and you will receive the items you can carry if your house is lost or sold.

By default, house visitors without full access can place items into storage. They cannot remove items from storage, or see it's inventory however. This option can be set by the house owner or co-owner in the storage menu.

House owners and co-owners can also set a house storage access password from the house storage menu. Anyone who knows the house storage access password will be able to gain full access to your house storage.

House Commands:

  • /house - Access the House Menu and House Information from inside a house
  • /houselist (/hlist, /houses) - List the houses you own
  • /keylist (/klist, /keys) - List the house keys you are holding
  • /colist (/ckeys, /cokeys) - List and Discard your co-owner keys
  • /rent (/rents, /rlist) - List and Cancel your rent contracts
  • /answer (/houseanswer, /door) - Answer a knock at your door and let the player enter your house
  • /coowner (nick/id) [house] (/houseco, /hco) - Give a player the co-owner keys to your house. The player will become Co-Owner of your house and have full access
  • /housekeys (nick/id) [house] (/hkeys) - Give a player the keys to your house. The player will be able to enter your house until you change the locks
  • /houseinvite (nick/id) [house] (/hinvite) - Invite a player to your house. Invites last a limited amount of time
  • /storage (/housestorage, /store) - Access the House Storage inside the house
  • /fishstorage (/housefishstorage, /fishstore) - Access the House Fish Storage inside the house
  • /houserob (/hsrob, /hrob) - Attempt a House Robbery inside a house