There's no specific goal in CnR, you do what you want to do. There are, however, a few basic things every player should know:

The Rules

Of course the main thing for every player to know are the rules. Be sure to read them!

In Game Colors

These are the colors of player markers and their meanings.

  • White - Innocent Civilian
  • Blue - Law Enforcement Police / Medic / Arms Dealer (Lighter = higher rank)
  • Purple - Police Requesting Backup
  • Yellow - Suspect (Can be Ticketed)
  • Orange - Wanted Suspect (Can be Arrested)
  • Green - Driver On Duty (Innocent)

Law Enforcement / Police

Law Enforcement agents must protect the city and its innocent civilians from crime. Police officers should patrol the city to prevent or stop crime, public medics should heal and cure other players and police arms dealers should keep police officers equipped in firearms.

Many crimes are only reported if a law enforcement agent is nearby, so police officers should patrol the city. Suspects (Yellow) should be issued a ticket, while wanted suspects (Orange) should be arrested. Police officers receive points and money for arrests, tickets and assists, so be sure to work as a team with other cops!


Civilians pick a specific skill, which gives them an advantage in that area, but does not limit what they can do. See the Skills Page for a full list of skills with detailed information. Civilians have a huge amount of different activities to chose from, and you receive points and money for any completed game activity. If you're creative, you'll be able to make lots of money!

As a civilian, it's your responsibility to follow the law, or suffer the consequences. Speeding isn't a crime in San Andreas, but stealing a car, robbing someone, selling drugs and delivering illegal items are all examples of things which will get you a wanted level. If your wanted level gets high enough, a warrant is issued for your arrest and you become a wanted suspect. Get caught and you'll spend time in jail!

Basic Gameplay

If you've played Grand Theft Auto before, CnR shouldn't be too complicated. We strongly suggest being somewhat familiar with GTA:San Andreas before playing CnR. The in-game controls are configured in the Grand Theft Auto settings, and will not be covered here, except for one which is unique to SA-MP:

Press G To Enter a Vehicle's Passenger Seat

CrazyBobs Cops And Robbers Ingame

Most of the game information is displayed in the chat box (top left) and commands are entered in the chat box. To chat or enter a command, press T, enter your chat or a /command and press Enter. The / prefix indicates a command. Most of the commands are similar to their name; to attempt to rob a player for example, type /rob in the chat box. See the Commands Page for a detailed list of commands and their usage.

Type /help, /commands or /faq in-game for help.