Pimping is a way for both prostitutes and civilians to benefit. Pimps offer protection by paying for the medical fees of their prostitutes. They also receive notices when their prostitute get insulted or attacked. In return, the pimp gets a percentage of the prostitutes profits from stripping and sex.

To become a pimp, offer your services to a prostitute by using /pimp [nick/id] [percentage], prostitutes can also use this command to offer their services to a player. A player can be a pimp for multiple prostitutes, to keep track /pimpinfo has a list of your prostitutes and the percentages you collect from them! If You no longer want to be a Pimp (or want to leave your Pimp, As a Prostitute), You can use /pimpleave [nick/id] or /pimpleaveall. You can also use /pimpcall to view your Prostitutes Calls, and You can use /pimpmsg to send a message to all of your Prostitutes. Pimp info can be found in game by using /pimphelp. Happy Pimpin'


Pimping Commands:

  • /pimpleave (/pimplv) - To leave as a pimp
  • /pimpleaveall (/pimplva) - Leave all pimping
  • /pimpinfo (/pimplist, /pimpl) - List of other pimps
  • /pimp (/pimpoffer, /pimpof) - Offer your pimping services to Prostitutes
  • /pimpaccept (/pimpa, /pimpyes) - Accept from a Pimp
  • /pimprefus (/pimpr, /pimpno) - Deny from a Pimp
  • /pimpcall (/pimpc) - Call for a Pimp
  • /pimpmsg (/pimpm) - Sends a message to other Pimps
  • /pimphelp - Pimp information and guidelines