You can spot CnR bots by their [BOT] tag. Players can interact with almost all the bots, some will sell items, others will offer services. Bots also have some interesting things to say from time to time.

Besides BOTs, CnR has also hired an army of shop clerks which you can find in every store, strippers at strip clubs and blackjack dealers are blackjack tables. These clerks are not BOTs, they do not chat nor do they respond to things like /wave.


Press the SUB-MISSION Button close to a bot to interact with him or her. You can also press the Y key while looking at a bot/store clerk to purchase items or services from them.

City Hall Bots

You will find a bot working at each City Hall. They sell permits and other items.

Police Department Bots

Each of the three major Police Departments has a resident bot. Civilians can pay fines or become a temporary cop here, while police officers can refill their weapons and armor.

Regular Players Club Bots

You will find a bot in the Regular Players Club, from who you can buy food, drinks and other items.

Transportation Bots

CnR has Train Driver bots, Bus Driver bots as well as Airplane Pilot bots. Visit a Train Station to ride on a train from city to city or buy a plane ticket at any Airport to fly on a passenger plane. You can also travel with the Bus Driver bots on the inner route or the outer route.

Prostitute Bots

Looking for a good time? Each of the three cities has it's own prostitute bot. Condoms not included!

Drug Dealer Bots

You can find a drug dealer bot in each of the three cities, selling grade-a merchandise! You can also sell your drugs back to the drug dealer bots.

Driving Challenge Bots

There are three driving challenge bots across San Andreas, two car drivers and one helicopter pilot. Place a bet with these bots and try to keep up as they drive/fly around a random route. It's not a race, you just have to stay in range of the bot until the end of the challenge. You can also go for a passenger ride with these bots for a small fee.

Driving Challenge Bots