With businesses coming soon, the stock market expands upon the CnR economy system! Buy and sell shares of different business types and all real businesses throughout CnR and San Andreas. Markets fluctuate through real in game supply and demand factors (ex: purchases at 24/7 help the 24/7 market). Visit City Hall or any Bank to access the stock market. Use /shares to see the shares you own. You can own up to 100,000 shares of each company.

The stock market opens at 7:00 and closes at 19:00 in-game time. Outside of that timeframe, the prices of stocks remain the same because the stock market is closed.


As of right now, there are a total of 19 different stocks you can choose from. They are listed below:

  1. Government Bonds
  2. House Market
  3. Commercial Market (Not available in this version yet)
  4. Fish Market
  5. Police Department
  6. Hospital
  7. 24/7 Corporation
  8. Cluckin' Bell
  9. Well Stacked Pizza Co.
  10. Burger Shot
  11. Ammunation
  12. Sex Shops
  13. Bars and Dance Clubs
  14. Diners
  15. Strip Clubs
  16. Bait Shops
  17. Off Track Betting
  18. Gambling Industry
  19. Drug Industry
  20. Transport Industry
  21. Clothing Industry

And remember the general rule when dealing with stocks: Buy low and sell high!

The following image describes how the CnR Prime Rate works and how different factors influence each other:

CnR Prime Rate

CnR Market Commands:

  • /markets (/market) - Shows the current market status.
  • /shares (/stocks) - Shows the shares you own. Select a number from the list to see detailed info about a certain share.