To save your life and stats, you have to register. Type /register and you will be asked to enter and verify a password. Once you are registered, your Current Life (if you are alive) and your Total Stats will automatically be saved when you leave the server. Please note that you will have a different life and different total stats in each of the 3 cities (Las Venturas, San Fierro, Los Santos). This means that any progress made in one city will only be saved for that city. Do NOT register multiple accounts, or they will all be deleted!

To continue your last life when you join the server, make sure you login before spawning. As soon as you join with a registered name, a box will pop up, at the Class Selection Screen, in which you can enter your password to login (If this box doesn't show up or disappeared, type /login to bring it back). After you successfully enter your password, press SHIFT to spawn and continue your life. If you spawn before you login, your last life will be lost. You can purchase a skin change from the hospital, and you do not lose anything. You can only change your skin once a game day.

Stats and Accounts

When you die in CnR, you will have to pay Medical Fees. These are influenced by the market and by the amount of money you have in total. The more money you have, the higher your Medical Fees will be.

To prevent losing this large amount of money and to save all of your weapons as well, you can buy Life Insurance at any of the 3 City Halls around San Andreas. Click here to find out more about Life Insurance.

If you want to start a completely new life, you can type the command /newlife. This will reset all of your money, your houses, anything that might be in your houses, your amount of days alive, basically everything. The only thing that will be kept is your score. After applying this command, the only thing you'll have to do is kill yourself and everything will be reset.

Finally, if you are registered, you can view your total stats for the three cities on the Player Stats section of the website.

Saving Your Stats / User Accounts Commands:

  • /register - Start the registration of a new account
  • /login - Open up the login box
  • /stats ([nick/id]) (/sts ([nick/id])) - Look at someone's basic stats (Leave the [nick/id] out to look at your own stats)
  • /morestats ([nick/id]) (/msts ([nick/id])) - Look at someone's more advanced stats (Leave the [nick/id] out to look at your own advanced stats)
  • /total ([nick/id]) (/tot ([nick/id])) - Look at someone's detailed stats (Leave the [nick/id] out to look at your own detailed stats)
  • /newlife - Starts a completely new life