Selling vehicles can be done by any civilian, although Car Jackers have certain advantages over other skills. Car Jackers, for instance, are able to disable vehicle locks and sell their vehicles faster. The amount of money paid is affected by your vehicle is damage.

When you get into any vehicle that is sellable at the crane, a message will show up indicating that the vehicle is sellable at the Car Sell Crane

Selling Vehicles

After you have successfully car jacked the vehicle, drive yourself to the nearest Car Sell Crane and press the Sub-Mission Key or type /sell when you're inside the checkpoint with the vehicle to receive your money.

Selling Vehicles

Selling Vehicle Commands:

  • /vsi (/vsellinfo) - Shows the Vehicle Selling Information such as the current bonus vehicle and its total value, how much time is left until you can sell a vehicle again and the current disount at the Car Dealerships
  • /sell - Sells the vehicle you're in at the Car Sell Crane