Are you trying to prove you are the best driver by completing Race Challenges but you keep falling off Mt. Chiliad or getting distracted by [BOT]StacysMom? Try racing players in real time and win their money!

Player Races

Create a /race, select a destination and a bet amount. Once you have created a race, you can invite other nearby players to the race. Players can choose if they enter a race when invited. All racers will pay the bet, the winner gets the entire jackpot.

The race owner decides when to start the 10 second countdown for race start. The race can be set to let all players or finish, or end when the first player reaches the destination.

Type /race to begin a race or to access the race menu. You can access all race features from the race menu, or using commands.

/racemsg [msg] to send a message to other players in the race
/racejoin to join a race when invited
/racequit to leave a race
/racestart to start the countdown (race owner only)
/raceinvite [nick/id] to invite a player to the race
/racekick [nick/id] to kick a player from the race (race owner only)
/racelist to list players in your current race
/racehelp for a list of race commands
Player Race quickstrings: $rdest $rdist $rtime