The GPS is one of the helpful tools in CnR if you don't know your way around too well. You can select from almost all the important locations in CnR and San Andreas. Arrows are displayed on the road showing you the suggested route to your destination.


The GPS is automatically set for any mission where you have to get to a specific location. If you don't want this, you can turn off this functionality in the /settings menu. You can set 5 custom locations which save with your life data. GPS distances can be displayed in km/meters or in miles/feet. /gps will open up the main GPS menu.

GPS Commands:

  • /gpshide - Temporarly hides GPS destination
  • /gpsresume - Resumes your route
  • /gpsset - Select a custom location you want to set
  • /gpssettings - Access GPS settings
  • /gpsclear (/gpscclr - Clears your current route)
  • /gpsdestination (/gpsdest /gpsloc) - Pulls up the list of destinations