Are you a gambler? Want to win big? Then Gambling & Casino Games are for you! You can play different casino games at many different places in San Andreas. Careful not to lose your shirt!


Casino Game Locations

Casino Games

Press Y while looking at any Casino Game to play.
Different Games are available - Click on each game for more information:

Slot Machines


Video Poker
Video Poker

Casino Settings

There are also Casino Settings which can be adjusted (/casinoset)

  • Casino Text Draw Size (Small / Large)
  • Casino Sounds (On/Off)
  • Slot Machine Mode (Mouse/keyboard)
  • Video Poker Mode (Mouse/keyboard)
  • Video Poker Default (Discard All / Keep All)
  • Blackjack Mode (Mouse/keyboard)

Please note that for Video Poker and Blackjack with Keyboard mode, you will have to press Y and N, and enter other numbers in the chat.
Keyboard mode is not suggested for these games.
Keyboard mode works well for Slot Machines.

Horse Bets

You can bet on any of the five horses that are participating in the race. Each horse has different odds and different payout rates, starting from 2:1 and ending with 10:1. Races take place every two game hours.

Press Y at any Horse Bet Machine to Bet on a Horse Race. You can also place Horse Bets inside any Inside Track Betting.

Type /horsebet for information on your current Horse Bet.



You can buy Scratch'n'Win tickets from any 24/7 Store, Xoomer Gas Station, Casino, City Hall or Regular Players Club. Each ticket has different odds and payouts, listed beside the ticket price.


You can either play Dice in Casinos or with other players using /dice (nick/id) (amount).

The High Roller Casino allows for higher bets on games of Dice.