Are you living on the streets or are you tired of your landlord finding your drugs stashed under your mattress? A hotel room is the answer.


You can now rent hotel rooms at most hotels/motels throughout San Andreas. Hotel rooms are paid daily. When you quit the game inside a hotel room, you will spawn there the next time you rejoin on the same city. You can also purchase a car save for your hotel room, allowing you to save your car as well when you quit.

Visit any hotel checkpoint to rent a room. You can select the type of room you want to rent, along with car save and safe deposit box options. Different types of rooms have different rental rates.

A safe deposit box lets you save a small amount of money in your hotel room. Some hotels will only have one main entrance checkpoint, others will let you enter your room from the lobby or from your room checkpoint. You can invite players to your hotel room. You can order Room Service (purchase food/drinks) from your hotel room.

Each player can rent up to 10 hotel rooms per life.
/hotels to see a list of your hotel rentals
/hotel inside a hotel for your room menu
$hotel quickstring to display the hotel room location you are currently in