From watches to hats, to pets on shoulders, to shades. The Clothes and Barber Shops are open for business! You can carry up to 35 items of clothing and wear up to 5 at a time. At the store, you will get to preview items before buying.

The item inventories for each store are different each week and quantities are limited! Some items are only sold at certain stores, but special items can be achieved after completing certain secret tasks.


There is the ability to sell clothes back to stores which are added to their inventories but if you just purchased it, you will have to wait a few game days before selling it. If you ever get a full inventory, you can store 20 items of clothing in your house storage.

You receive a free phone once you have 100 hours played for a city.

Clothes Commands:

  • /clothes - Clothes Main menu, to manage your clothes and accessories
  • /clotheswear - Remove Clothes
  • /clothesdiscard - Discard an item (You will no longer own the item)
  • /clothespos - Adjust positions/rotations/scale of clothes you are wearing
  • /clothesprices - Set your clothes for sale to other players
  • /clothessell [nick/id] - Offer to sell clothes to someone (just an Ad really)
  • /clothesbuy [nick/id] - Buy Clothes From Another Player
  • /clothesinfo (/cinfo) - Command to see what clothes another player is wearing. Use /clothesinfo (nick/id) or /clothesinfo for the closest player in range.
  • /clothesinv (/cinv) - Command to see your clothes inventory