Life Insurance

To prevent losing the large amount of money from Medical Fees when you die and to save all of your weapons, you can buy Life Insurance. Life Insurance can be bought at any of the 3 City Halls, or from Street Vendors throughout San Andreas. The price of Life Insurance is influenced by the market and by the amount of times you have died in the past. The more times you die in a shorter time period, the higher the fee will be. You can have up to 3 Life Insurance policies at the same time.

To find out more about accounts, your stats and saving them, click here.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance allows you to purchase Medical related items for free at any Hospital or from Medics. The free items include: Heals, Cures and Condoms. Health Insurance contracts last for five game days.

You can use /ii to show details about your insurance policies.

Hunting Permits

While planting, a hunting permit is recommended to have. This permit will prevent you from obtaining a wanted level when you kill a deer while planting drugs. You can hold up to 20 permits. You can buy one from Street Vendors, the Bait Shop, Supa Save in San Fierro, or City Hall. Happy hunting!

Fishing Permits

When you fish without the proper permit, you'll get wanted every time you try to fish when there are cops around. To prevent this you can buy Fishing Permits. Another advantage of Fishing Permits is that it allows you to fish faster. You can obtain Fishing Permits from any 24/7, Bait Shop, Street Vendor, or City Hall. You can hold a total of 50 Fishing Permits good for 1 fish per permit.

Gun Permit

As a civilian, you can't buy weapons from any Ammunation unless you have a Gun Permit. This has been implemented to prevent deathmatching by new players. You can buy a Gun Permit at any of the 3 City Halls, Police Departments, Churches or at the Ammunation in Downtown Los Santos.

Adrenaline Pill

An item that can cure your diseases and heal you is the Adrenaline Pill. You can carry up to 3 pills at a time. The pill refills your health instantly and it cures any diseases you might have.

You can pick these up from Medics and Street Vendors, or at any hospital around San Andreas. For the locations of these hospitals, click here. Hospitals are also indicated on the minimap with the following icon: Hospital Icon

You can also get them around San Andreas in the form of a pickup.

Adrenaline Pill Pickup

Chastity Belt

A Chastity Belt protects you from anyone that might rape you in jail, or on the streets. Rape can cause you to get disease(s). A disease will slowly (or fast, depending on what kind of disease and how many of them you have) drain your health down to 0 and kill you. A belt, however, can be broken and you still might get infected although that chance is fairly small. They can be picked up at any Hospital.

Fishing Rod

Holding a Fishing Rod will reduce your fishing time and increase your chance of catching a fish. You can purchase Fishing Rods from any Bait Shop throughout San Andreas.
Any Fishing Rods you own will be removed when you are sent to jail, if you do not have a valid fishing permit.
Fishing Rods are clothing items and can be wore or removed from the clothing menu. You can also use /rod (/pole) to quickly take out or put away your fishing rod.


The Crowbar is a clothing item which you can purchase from any Truck Stop or Zero's RC Shop in Garcia (SF). Holding your Crowbar (/clotheswear) will lower your robbery time (robberies & holdups) and increase your chance of a successful robbery. You can also use /crowbar to quickly take out or put away your crowbar.
Any Crowbars you own will be removed when you are sent to jail.

Ammo Bag

An Ammo Bag lets you purchase/carry more ammo for each weapon. Ammo Bags are lost on death or arrest.

Vehicle Repair Kit

You can use a Vehicle Repair Kit to fix your vehicle while not driving it. Step outside your vehicle and use /vehrepair. Repairing your vehicle will take a few seconds.
Vehicle Repair Kits can be purchased from Gas Stations, Mechanics, Police Department Garage or Police Technicians. You can carry multiple Vehicle Repair Kits.

ACME Insta-Fix

ACME Insta-Fix lets you repair your vehicle instantly, without exiting the vehicle. You must be stopped to use an ACME Insta-Fix. Anyone in the vehicle can use an ACME Insta-Fix on the vehicle. You can only carry one ACME Insta-Fix at a time. Type /instafix to use your ACME Insta-Fix. Other players nearby get a notification when an Insta-Fix is used.

*ACME Corporation not responsible for random vehicle explosions.

Public Transit Card

A Public Transit Card gives you free access to Public Transportation (buses) as well as most airport services. Public Transit Cards expire after a game week.