There are a lot of missions you can do within CnR, one of them is the Vehicle Theft Mission. When starting a Vehicle Theft Mission, you get a list of 5 random cars. You will have to deliver all of these cars to the checkpoint within 15 game hours.

Vehicle Theft Started

In this mission, it's important to know that certain cars look like. This is what usually makes the mission harder because not everyone knows all of the vehicle names or what certain cars look like.

Vehicle Theft In Progress

For every car you deliver to the checkpoint, you receive a bonus of $15000 and when you deliver all vehicles to the checkpoint in time you get another bonus of $75000. That's a total of $150000, making it one of the most profitable missions in CnR. There is one downside to all of this though. When you get into the last vehicle on your list, you receive Level 10 wanted level. Which makes it a good idea to take the fastest or the vehicle that is the closest to the mission checkpoint as the last one.

Vehicle Theft Finished

Type /cancel at any time during a Vehicle Theft Mission to cancel the current mission.

Vehicle Theft Mission Locations

Vehicle Theft - Los Santos Market

Vehicle Theft Mission - Los Santos Market

Online Map Location

Vehicle Theft - San Fierro Downtown San Fierro

Vehicle Theft Mission - San Fierro Downtown San Fierro

Online Map Location

Vehicle Theft - Las Venturas Redsands West

Vehicle Theft Mission - Las Venturas Redsands West

Online Map Location