October 9 2017

Version 24.1

CnR C2 Version 24.1 is designed for SA-MP 0.3.7. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Hit Contracts

  • Hit Contracts have been changed to address player complaints and suggestions
  • The person who placed a hit contract on you is now saved
  • The person who placed the hit contract is now listed in /hitinfo and /hitlist
  • Hitmen can now place hits (but cannot complete their own hits)
  • You will be notified when a hit you placed is completed by a hitman if you are online
  • Hit contracts no longer stack. Once a hit is placed on someone, it cannot be increased or replaced by anyone else
  • Hit contracts can be cancelled in the first 2 game hours after being placed with /hitcancel
  • Hit contracts are automatically cancelled if the hit placer quits the server within 2 game hours after placing the hit
  • If you cancel a hit (or quit before 2 game hours), your hit fee will be refunded minus a 25% hit cancellation fee
  • Hit survival bonus has been increased to 75% of hit value with a 50000$ maximum
  • Hits cannot be placed in the last 2 hours of the city (saturday 10pm+)
  • Civilians can kill the person who placed a hit on them to cancel the hit contract
  • Added a message to notify you when you join the server if you have a hit contract on you


  • Added /missing command for Law Enforcement Agents for Missing Person Information
  • Increased the price of vehicle armor a bit
  • Added money rush points in Whitewood Estates (more coming soon)
  • Fixed Cop DM Warning when you are in your own house
  • You can now throw fish back (/throwback) at fishing locations
  • Fixed other bugs and typos


August 12 2017

Version 24

CnR C2 Version 24 is designed for SA-MP 0.3.7. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Air Delivery Missions

  • Added Air Delivery Mission for Civilians
  • Enter any Air Vehicle and type /mission to start an air delivery mission
  • You will have to pick up drugs at one of the airports
  • You will have to drop drugs at 3 random points on the map
  • Dropping goods closer to the center of the checkpoint will give you a bigger bonus
  • If you run out of drugs from dropping at invalid locations, you will fail the mission
  • Remaining drugs at the end of the mission will give you a bonus
  • Air Delivery missions are available for civilians only

Random Law Enforcement Missions

  • Added Random Law Enforcement Missions
  • These missions will appear randomly and law enforcement agents will be notified of the situation and location in the chat
  • The first law enforcement agent to reach the specified location will receive a bonus
  • For each mission, there is a good outcome or a bad outcome. Which you get is random.

Law Enforcement Missing Person Missions

  • Added Missing Person Mission for Law Enforcement
  • A Missing Person will be reported at random times and law enforcement agents will be notified of the location in the chat
  • The first law enforcement agent to find the missing person will receive a bonus
  • If the missing person has not been found in 24 game hours, the mission will be cancelled

Courier / Smuggling Missions

  • Courier missions have been divided into two different missions: Courier Missions and Smuggling Missions
  • Courier Mission is now a legal delivery you can complete in any vehicle
  • Smuggling Mission is an illegal delivery you can complete in any vehicle (equivalent of old courier mission)
  • For Smuggling Mission, you will become wanted if you are spotted by a cop (in cop range) during the delivery
  • Type /courier for a menu which will let you select which mission you want to do
  • Type /smuggle to start a smuggling mission without the mission select menu
  • Like before, $cargo, $deldest and $deltime work for both missions


  • Kidnapper skill has been changed to be more relevant
  • Kidnapping will always give you a warrant
  • Once you kidnap players, you receive a small bonus
  • Once you bring kidnapped players to your hideout, you will steal between 20% and 80% of their on-hand cash
  • If kidnapped players quit while kidnapped (not in hideout), the kidnapper will still be paid and the victim will still lose the money
  • Kidnapped players placed in a hideout will have a certain amount of time to live. If not released by then, they will die
  • If kidnapped players quit while in your hideout, they will die and pay medical feeds when they rejoin
  • Kidnappers will receive a small bonus when kidnapped players die in their hideout after the time has expired

Hit Contracts

  • Hit Contracts now save. If you quit with a hit, you will still have it when you rejoin
  • Placing a hit contract on a player who already has a hit will increase the hit price
  • Hit Contracts last 48 game hours or until you are killed by a hitman
  • New players and players with a low playtime cannot place hits
  • Hit contracts cannot be cancelled
  • Hitmen cannot place hit contracts
  • A hit contract cannot be placed on you for 24 game hours after a hit has expired or has been completed on you
  • Surviving a hit contract (48 game hours) will give you a bonus
  • Added a hit confirmation menu when placing hits to avoid placing hits on the wrong person
  • /hitinfo now shows how many hits you have placed and how many hits were placed on you for your current life


  • Maximum vehicle health is now based on the type of vehicle (heavier vehicles have more max health)
  • You can now buy Vehicle Armor which will increase your max vehicle health
  • Vehicle tires will take 5 shots to pop (each tire)
  • You can now buy Armored Tires for your vehicle which will increase tire pop resistance to 15 shots
  • You can now only buy 1 instafix per game day
  • Added /windows [#] /windowsopen [#] /windowsclose [#] commands to open/close vehicle windows
  • Use /vinfo [nick/id] to see your vehicle info or another players vehicle info (including armor info)
  • Removed Mod Shops and Pay and Sprays, they are now replaced by salesman bots
  • You can buy vehicle hydraulics at Mod Shops, Pay and Sprays or Xoomer Garage bots for most vehicles
  • You can buy Vehicle Paint Jobs (for vehicles with paint jobs) at Mod Shops and Pay and Sprays
  • Added a Mechanic at the three major airports so you can fix your air vehicles
  • Adjusted GPS location selection for removed mod shops and added new mechanics

Selling Pets at Restaurants

  • You can now sell your pets at any restaurants
  • Pets which are babies cannot be sold
  • The value of your pet depends on its age and its size (older and fatter are worth more)

Criminal of the Day

  • Added Criminal of the Day to the workers of the day
  • Criminal of the day is based on time wanted and amount of crimes committed
  • The driver of the day will no longer show up in the Workers Of The Day textdraw, but you can still see it in /wotd menu

Starting Fires

  • Gas Can pickups will appear at random places on the map when there is no active fire
  • Find a gas can pickup and type /fire near it to start a fire
  • This will start a fire at that location that fireman can put out

Daily No DM Bonus

  • Players will receive a No DM bonus for not damaging any players or vehicles for 24 game hours
  • The daily No DM bonus will increase each consecutive day that you do not damage players or vehicles

Display Updates

  • Job/Mission/Other Status Displays (bottom right) have been redone
  • GPS Status Display (bottom right) has been redone
  • Drug Status Display (right) has been redone
  • You can now set the size of most on screen text draw displays (location, speedometer, status, ost, level, game messages, help messages)
  • Text Draw sizes can be set in your /settings

Game Balancing

  • Players car surfing on vehicles will be kicked off the vehicle when they shoot if the vehicle is going over 130km/h
  • Removed the accuracy reduction for shooting when car surfing on vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where weapon shots were going much further than intended in some situations
  • Weapon shots are now limited to their intended distances from GTA SA (plus 50 meters when shooting at vehicles)
  • Sniper rifle is limited to 200 meters
  • Removed some adjustments made previously to weapons


  • Added Food Vendors at some of the food carts across the map. You can rob these businesses like all others within the current city
  • Added punishment for cops damaging innocent civilians. The punishments are incremental
  • Redid House Delivery missions, they function the same as before but are now missions like all other missions
  • Players below a certain play time cannot use House Enter Password to enter houses
  • You can no longer plant drugs near interior entrances
  • Added a new 24/7 in Blueberry
  • Drug pickups have been reduced to 25 grams
  • Re-entering interiors is time restricted when you are shooting (for dmers who enter/exit interiors constantly)
  • Fixed an issue with /fart splash damage
  • Fixed an issue with other players performing actions on you when dying from stab
  • Fixed an issue with using commands while dying from stab
  • The Chainsaw is not available to new players/plays with a low playtime
  • Moved a robbery hideout in LV (Area 69) because trucks didn't fit inside for Airport Robberies
  • Fixed the Holdup mission location list
  • Fixed wrong map icons and added missing map icons
  • Other fixes and improvements


October 28 2016

Version 23.7

CnR C2 Version 23.7 is designed for SA-MP 0.3.7. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Halloween Update

  • Trick Or Treating! Visit any owned house to Trick or Treat!
  • Hidden Pumpkins. Pumpkins will drop at random spots in the city, find one to get a gift.
  • Special Halloween related clothing items
  • Special pets that you can only receive during the halloween event.
  • Players can get possessed by demons. When you are possessed by demons, you will have a certain amount of time before you die.
  • Possessed players can use /possess [nick/id] to possess other players and extend their time to live.
  • Possessed players can get an exorcism at any church to get rid of their demons.
  • Players Possessed by Demons (Zombies) are immune to being stabbed
  • Houses can get haunted by possessed players. Haunted houses will possess people who enter.
  • Players can give gifts to other players with /givegift (nick/id)
  • The bots and admins will be giving out gifts!
  • Holding a Holy Cross can prevent being possessed
  • Holiday Stats are available on the Player Stats Page


October 30 2015

Version 23.3

CnR C2 Version 23.3 is designed for SA-MP 0.3.7. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Halloween Update

  • Trick Or Treating! Visit any owned house to Trick or Treat!
  • Hidden Pumpkins. Pumpkins will drop at random spots in the city, find one to get a gift.
  • Special Halloween related clothing items
  • Special pets that you can only receive during the halloween event.
  • Players can get possessed by demons. When you are possessed by demons, you will have a certain amount of time before you die.
  • Possessed players can use /possess [nick/id] to possess other players and extend their time to live.
  • Possessed players can get an exorcism at any church to get rid of their demons.
  • Houses can get haunted by possessed players. Haunted houses will possess people who enter.
  • Players can give gifts to other players with /givegift (nick/id)
  • The bots and admins will be giving out gifts!
  • There will be no exorcisms on Halloween Day (October 31st). Zombies everywhere!
  • Holding a Holy Cross can prevent being possessed
  • Holiday Stats are available on the Player Stats Page


  • Added /stab Command
  • You must be holding a knife (clothes item) to stab someone
  • You can stab corpses
  • Players Possessed by Demons (Zombies) are immune to being stabbed
  • /stabanim [1-4] to use only the stab animations (no knife required)
  • Added a new Sit animation (/sit 14)
  • Added a new Show Off animation (/showoff 23)
  • Changed the Vehicle Name Display, it's now a small textdraw above the speedometer
  • You can change settings for the Vehicle Name Display in your display settings
  • You can now adjust the text size of Status Textdraws (on the right of your screen, mission info, gps info etc) in your TextDraw settings
  • Fixed the small delay which prevented you from paying a ticket right away once your vehicle was stopped
  • Instafix can only be used by the vehicle driver
  • Added a few new delivery items
  • The weapon accuracy reduction when car surfing is now a bit more aggressive (weapons will be less accurate as the vehicle goes faster)
  • Small changes to some weapon damage rates to fix some weapon balance issues
  • Fixes for weapon/shooting bugs and exploits
  • The AK47 and the M4 can no longer be used from inside a vehicle (back to how it was before)
  • Security improvements in script core
  • Fixed other bugs and typos


May 23, 2015

Version 23

CnR C2 Version 23 is designed for SA-MP 0.3.7. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.


  • Because of the amount of new features, everyone's lives have been reset.
  • All players must start a new life
  • This includes your current life, houses, clothes and stocks
  • Your score and total stats have not been changed
  • All Records (race challenges, dm stadium) have been reset
  • Please remember that with no houses, there will be no house delivery missions or maid missions for a few days

Visual Update

  • The Welcome Screen, Help, Rules, and other displays have been redone.
  • Game Messages (middle of your screen) have been redone, the default size is now smaller.
  • You can adjust the size of Game Messages in your Display Settings (/display).
  • Help Messages (above OST) have been redone, the default size is now smaller.
  • You can adjust the size of Help Messages in your Display Settings.
  • There is now a new Level Display below your Cash (or Wanted Stars) which displays your Wanted Level or Rank.
  • The Level Display is always on by default.
  • You can change how the Level Display works in your Display Settings.
  • Level Display options: On = Always On Off = Never Display Civilian = Civilian Only Auto-Hide = Display on change and hide after a few seconds
  • Added a condensed (smaller) GPS Status Display. This is on by default, and can be turned off in your display settings
  • Everyone's Help Messages have been turned on for this update. You can turn them off as usual in /settings

Police Training

  • Police training has been redone entirely
  • There is now a short minimum time on each page before you can advance to the next page
  • Removed the /training command
  • You can now only start police training from the Police Department Bot menu
  • All players will have to redo police training once for version 23

New Buttons For Menus / Interactions

  • Y is now the default Use/Interact Key
  • When using the Use/Interact key, objects/players are detected by what you are looking at.
  • This means you now use Y to use or interact with whatever your character is looking at
  • Press Y to use any in-game machine (ex: ATM) you are looking at
  • Press Y to purchase items or services from Bots/Store Clerks you are looking at
  • You can also press Y to purchase items from any player you are looking at who can sell items
  • The regular commands (ex: /buy) still work as usual
  • The default key for closing menus and other boxes is now N
  • The old keys/buttons for closing menus still work

New Locations / Map Changes

  • Added the CnR Radio Tower on Missionary Hill
  • Added the LS Art Gallery in LS
  • Added a U-Get-Inn Motel in Bone County
  • The Ammunation in Bone County has been moved down the road to the shooting range location
  • Added a Bait Shop in Bone County
  • Added location name for Madrigal
  • Added Chivo's House (paid by your taxes!)
  • Added a Bank in Las Payasadas
  • Added a Church in Angel Pine
  • Added a Church in LS Las Colinas
  • Added a Church in Bayside
  • Added a 24/7 in Las Payasadas
  • Added a Bar in Las Payasadas
  • Added a Bar in LS El Corona
  • Added a Diner in Blueberry
  • Added a Truck Stop in Fort Carson
  • Moved the Drug Refill Point in Las Payasadas to Madrigal
  • Added a Garage Purchase Point at the South East LV Xoomer
  • Added new random spawns in all cities

New Casinos

  • Added a Casino in San Fierro (near Ocean Flats)
  • Added a Casino in Los Santos (in Temple)
  • Added the High Roller Casino in LV. You must have at least 10 million $ (cash + bank) to enter the High Roller Casino.
  • No crimes are tolerated at the High Roller Casino
  • The new Casinos (except for the High Roller) can be robbed.

Bots / Store Clerks

  • [BOT]Anna is now at LV City Hall
  • [BOT]Rosie is now at SF City Hall
  • Added [BOT]Eve at LS City Hall
  • [BOT]David is now retired
  • [BOT]TestDrive is now available for LS
  • Added shop clerks at all stores, strippers at strip clubs, and blackjack dealers at blackjack tables
  • These shop clerks are not BOTs, and will not chat or respond to things like /wave
  • Press Y while looking at any BOT Selling Items/Services or Store Clerk to interact with them


  • Entirely reworked the checkpoint streaming
  • Fixed issues with kidnapper hideouts not showing properly
  • Fixed issues with drug plants being hidden by other checkpoints
  • Lowered minimum distance to any checkpoint for planting drugs. This means you can plant drugs in more locations
  • Removed checkpoints inside stores (replaced with Store Clerks)
  • Removed checkpoints for houses (replaced with House Icon Pickups)


  • House checkpoints have been replaced by House Icon pickups.
  • The House Icon colors have the same meaning as on the House Webmap (or see the Houses Page)
  • House Icon colors: Green = For Sale By Bank Red = Owned / Not For Sale Blue = For Rent Yellow = For Sale By Owner
  • Removed some houses which were in Hotels/Motels
  • Added new houses to replace the removed houses, and more. There are now over 1500 houses.
  • Added a new fancy house neighborhood in Rockshore West
  • Added other new houses, we'll let you find them
  • Lowered the prices of the added houses in Whitewood Estates
  • Adjusted the prices of other special houses around the map
  • Please note that the House Webmap data will be updated in the upcoming weeks

Horse Bets

  • Added Horse Bet Machines in City Hall, Bars, Casinos, and other locations
  • Bots at City Hall and The Regular Players Club no longer sell horse bets, you must use the machines
  • Press Y while looking at a Horse Bet Machine or type /horsebet to place a horse bet
  • You can type /horsebet at anytime when you have a horse bet for information on your bet
  • You can use /horsebet anywhere inside Inside Track Betting or Woozie's


  • Added more ATMs
  • New object model for ATMs
  • Press Y while looking at an ATM or type /atm to use an ATM

CnR Lottery

  • Added a Lottery Menu / Information display (/lotto)
  • The lotto menu shows information about the current jackpot, as well as the previous days lotto results and winner.
  • You can pick a lotto number from the lotto menu
  • You can pick a random number (that isn't taken) from the lotto menu
  • You can also type /lotto random or /lotto rand to pick a random number

Fireman Mission

  • Added a fireman mission/job
  • Fires will break out within the city at random times
  • The first fireman to reach and extinguish the fire in a firetruck receives a bonus
  • Type /fire in a firetruck to begin a firetruck mission when a fire has been reported
  • Fireman missions are available to all Law Enforcement agents

Paramedic/Ambulance Mission

  • Added a paramedic/ambulance mission
  • Type /mission in an ambulance to begin an ambulance mission
  • Pick up as many patients as you can within the mission time and bring them to the closest hospital
  • You can bring the patient to any hospital, the auto-gps will show you the closest
  • Paramedic missions are available to all Law Enforcement agents

Private Investigator Mission

  • Added a Private Investigator Mission for civilians
  • This is very similar to the Manhunt mission, you must find the target player within the given time
  • Type /vc within 50 meters of the target player once you have found them
  • There is a random chance of the target player being notified of you looking for them
  • You can begin a Private Investigator Mission at the Police Department Bot

Hippie Mission

  • Added a Hippie Mission for civilians
  • Give at least 50 grams of drugs (total) to 5 different players
  • You can find the Hippie Mission location using /gps

Other Missions

  • Manhunt mission target player range reduced to 50 meters
  • Completed Law Enforcement missions will now increase your rank
  • Lowered Drug Delivery mission final bonus
  • Increased bonus for Street Sweeper driving
  • Increased bonus for Harvest missions
  • Fixed an issue with multiple people doing a harvest mission at the same time on the same field
  • Increased bonus for Bible Salesman mission
  • Increased bonus for UPS Delivery mission
  • Increased bonus for Tractor mission
  • Increased bonus for Lawnmower mission
  • Lowered Immigrant mission bonus

Public Transit Card

  • Added CnR Public Transit Card item
  • A Public Transit Card gives you free access to Public Transportation (buses) as well as most airport services
  • Public Transit Cards expire after a game week

Ammo Bag

  • Added Ammo Bag item
  • An Ammo Bag lets you purchase/carry more ammo for each weapon
  • Ammo Bags are lost on death or arrest

ACME Insta-Fix

  • Added ACME Insta-Fix Item
  • ACME Insta-Fix lets you repair your vehicle instantly, without exiting the vehicle.
  • You must be stopped to use an ACME Insta-Fix
  • Anyone in the vehicle can use an ACME Insta-Fix on the vehicle
  • You can only carry one ACME Insta-Fix at a time
  • /instafix to use your ACME Insta-Fix
  • Other players nearby get a notification when an Insta-Fix is used

*ACME Corporation not responsible for random vehicle explosions.

Other Items

  • Civilians can purchase and use Vehicle Repair Kits
  • Lowered the price of Vehicle Repair Kits

Weapons / Ammo

  • Limited the maximum amount of ammo you can purchase/carry per weapon
  • You can purchase an ammo bag to increase the amount of ammo you can purchase
  • Everyone in the DM Stadium will now always receive 2500 ammo for all their weapons on each new life
  • Weapon prices have been adjusted, some weapons now cost less

Car Surfing

  • Weapon accuracy is now reduced when you are standing on a moving vehicle
  • The accuracy reduction is based on vehicle speed, so more of your shots will miss as the vehicle goes faster
  • This only applies to car surfing
  • You may see your shots hitting the vehicle when they actually aren't
  • You will receive a message reminding you of this once per login if you shoot while car surfing.

Police Refill Credits

  • All items purchased with Police Refill Credits now cost a different amount of credits, depending on the item
  • Bigger weapons cost more refill credits etc
  • Health and Armor refills at PD now cost a refill credit each
  • Police Officers can now purchase some other items at regular shops/garages with Police Refill Credits (vehicle repair for example)
  • Police Officers can purchase items or services from Police Technicians with Police Credits
  • If you don't have enough refill credits for an item, you can purchase it for money instead (not at PD Refill)
  • You can now see the amount of Police Refill Credits you have on the /inventory display
  • Lowered the amount of refill credits received automatically based on rank

Send GPS Destination To Driver

  • As a passenger in a vehicle, you can now send a gps destination to the vehicle driver
  • The driver must accept the destination request
  • You can use this for robbery hideouts and missions as well, you can give your getaway driver the location of your robbery hideout for example
  • Also useful for drivers on duty (taxi drivers etc)
  • /driverdest to send a destination request to your vehicle driver (the gps menu will appear to select the destination to send)
  • You can disable GPS Destination requests in the /settings menu

Store Holdups

  • You must be looking at a Store Clerk to begin a holdup
  • Wanted players can now do holdups
  • The store being robbed will be closed during a holdup and for a short time after a holdup


  • Fish prices have been adjusted
  • Fishing while surfing on a boat has been improved
  • People standing on a boat with a driver fishing can now use /fishmsg
  • A caught fish can now randomly be eaten by pesky birds
  • Added a fishing animation when holding a fishing rod and not in a vehicle
  • Added on-foot fishing areas, where you can fish without a boat
  • These fishing areas are at: Fisher's Lagoon Dock, LS Second Pier, Angel Pine Beach and Bayside Small Pier
  • You will find a Help Icon with information at these fishing areas

Truck Deliveries

  • Adjusted bonuses for some items
  • Added a few new items
  • Added Chivo's House as a delivery location

New Skins

  • Added the new skins from SA-MP 0.3.7, including quite a few new cop skins
  • The new civilian skins are at the end of the list, before the cop skins
  • Changed some skin class names


  • Added new clothes/accessories items
  • Added new special clothes items
  • Redid prices for all clothes/accessories items
  • You can no longer sell a clothes item back to a store for a few gamedays after purchasing it

Hiding Drugs

  • Players can now hide drugs (drop a package of drugs), like hidden money bags
  • Type /hidedrugs [qty] to drop a package of drugs
  • Unlike dropped money bags, other players will not be notified that you have dropped drugs
  • You can pick up your drug package yourself later, or other players can take it
  • Hidden drugs stay on the map when a player quits
  • Hidden drugs are all removed when the city changes, and are not saved (only last 1 game week)
  • Hidden drugs are always not-fresh (even if you hid fresh drugs)

Police Technician Skill

  • The class/skill Police Arms Dealer has been replaced by the Police Technician
  • Police Technicians can sell weapons to Law Enforcement like an Arms Dealer, as well as Mechanic services like a mechanic
  • Police Technicians can use /vehrepair like mechanics
  • Police Technicians cannot give tickets or report, but they can arrest wanted suspects
  • Police Technicians cannot call for backup, but they can use /copmsg
  • Police Technicians can sell items/services to Law Enforcement agents only
  • Police Technicians can sell items/services for Police Refill Credits
  • Police Technicians get a discount on sell items from stores
  • Law Enforcement agents calling for /weapons will call a Police Technician
  • Law Enforcement agents calling for a /mechanic will call for a Police Technician or Mechanic

Player Races

  • Players can race eachother for money
  • When you create a race, you select a destination and a bet amount
  • Once you have created a race, you can invite other nearby players to the race
  • Players can choose if they enter a race when invited
  • All racers will pay the bet, the winner gets the entire jackpot
  • The race owner decides when to start the 10 second countdown for race start
  • The race can be set to let all players or finish, or end when the first player reaches the destination
  • Type /race to begin a race or to access the race menu
  • You can access all race features from the race menu, or using commands
  • /racemsg [msg] to send a message to other players in the race
  • /racejoin to join a race when invited
  • /racequit to leave a race
  • /racestart to start the countdown (race owner only)
  • /raceinvite [nick/id] to invite a player to the race
  • /racekick [nick/id] to kick a player from the race (race owner only)
  • /racelist to list players in your current race
  • /racehelp for a list of race commands
  • Player Race quickstrings: $rdest $rdist $rtime

Please see the Player Races Page for a complete list of Player Race features and commands.


  • You can now rent hotel rooms at most hotels/motels throughout San Andreas
  • Hotel rooms are paid daily
  • When you quit the game inside a hotel room, you will spawn there the next time you rejoin on the same city
  • You can also purchase a car save for your hotel room, allowing you to save your car as well when you quit
  • Visit any hotel checkpoint to rent a room
  • You can select the type of room you want to rent, along with car save and safe deposit box options
  • Different types of rooms have different rental rates
  • A safe deposit box lets you save a small amount of money in your hotel room
  • Some hotels will only have one main entrance checkpoint, others will let you enter your room from the lobby or from your room checkpoint
  • You can invite players to your hotel room
  • You can order Room Service (purchase food/drinks) from your hotel room
  • Each player can rent up to 10 hotel rooms per life
  • /hotels to see a list of your hotel rentals
  • /hotel inside a hotel for your room menu
  • $hotel quickstring to display the hotel room location you are currently in
  • Police officers can enter hotel rooms with suspects inside
  • Hotels have been added to the GPS Destination menu
  • Some houses have been removed which were in hotels/motels
  • Many more features...

Please see the Hotels Page for a complete list of Hotel features and commands.

Casino Games

  • Added scripted CnR Casino games: Slot Machines, Blackjack, Video Poker
  • You can now play casino games in CnR!
  • You can find Casino games in any Casino, in Dance Clubs, Strip Clubs and Bars
  • Press Y while looking at any casino game to being playing
  • Different games are available for the Slot Machines, with different odds and payouts
  • You select your wager amount when you begin playing
  • High stakes (higher bet amounts) games are avaiable at the High Roller Casino
  • Casino games can be played with the mouse, or with text & keypresses (default is mouse)
  • /casinosettings to change your casino game settings
  • Please note that when playing some games with keypresses, you will have to press Y for some options, and enter text values for other options
  • Slot Machines: Try to get a match with 3 random symbols.
  • Blackjack: You must get a better hand than the dealer, without going over 21.
  • Video Poker: Try to get the best poker hand with 5 cards.

Check out the Casino Games page for complete details on each game and more Casino Game information.


  • All robberies have been redone entirely. There shouldn't be much change from the old robbery system, however there are improvements and new details
  • Robberies now use the updated menu system (no difference visually, but you can move these menus up and down in settings etc)
  • Each robbery now has individual settings, minimum/maximum times, bonuses, chances, etc.
  • Robberies closer to police activity have been made a bit easier, robberies further from police have been made a bit harder
  • The chance of immediately failing a robbery now depends on different factors. (See Robberies Page)
  • The alarm for a robbery location will no longer go off immediately. Cops will not be notified of the robbery until the alarm goes off
  • Cops are notified of the robbery once the alarm goes off
  • The time before the robbery goes off depends on different factors. (See Robberies Page)
  • If a law enforcement agent gets close to you during a robbery, the alarm will go off immediately
  • There is now an alarm sound for robbery alarms
  • The time you have to wait to complete the robbery is now variable, and yes you guessed it, depends on different factors! (See Robberies Page)
  • The payout for all robberies now depends on the amount of cops and civilians on the server
  • tl;dr: Many things can change the outcome of robberies. You can use different strategies to improve the chance of a successful robbery.
  • You can now move around more while waiting during a robbery. You don't have to stay "in" the checkpoint (if there is one)
  • Added Methylamine Robbery at K.A.C.C. Fuels in LV. Find the barrel of methylamine in the warehouse.
  • Added SF Casino Robbery.
  • Added SF Cargo Ship Robbery. You are a pirate!
  • Added Zombotech Robbery in SF. Steal the secret zombie documents.
  • Changed the Drug Factory Robbery in SF. You now have to find the package of drugs in the factory after the wait time.
  • Added LS Temple Casino Robbery.
  • You can now drop items at anytime for robberies where you carry items (Airport Robberies, KACC Robbery).
  • /drop or /box or MMB to drop an item you are carrying. You can then pick it up where you dropped it.
  • You can now use a Garbage Truck for the airport robberies
  • Use /robbery to start all robberies
  • Bank robberies can remove a bit more money from rich people's accounts.
  • Banks are now closed during a robbery, and for a while after a robbery.
  • Added new robbery hideouts for all cities


  • Added stats for Tips Cash Given and Tips Cash Received
  • Increased the minimum time between being sued
  • Lowered range to offer a bribe in interiors (except when in jail)
  • Lowered the chance of random explosion while cooking drugs
  • Added some new /showoff and /showoff2 animations
  • Undercover police cars now have audible sirens (not lights)
  • Added some new billboards
  • Added a sound for the SA-MP Office Tower elevator when it reaches a destination floor
  • Many other script core improvements and changes
  • Fixed other bugs, typos and issues

Information on all the new features will be added to the website pages over the next few days.


April 1st 2015

Version 22

CnR C2 Version 22 is designed for SA-MP 0.3z. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Game Changes

  • Added Lagshoot
  • Removed Lagshoot
  • No money reset!!

Enjoy the update! Happy April 1st!.


December 23rd, 2013

Version 21.8

CnR C2 Version 21.8 is designed for SA-MP 0.3x. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Christmas Update!

  • Christmas trees and decorations
  • Type /tree near any christmas tree to receive a gift.
  • Santa is dropping random gifts at random spots throughout the city
  • Special Christmas clothing items
  • Special Christmas food/drink items. Stock up on these, they're only found during the christmas event.
  • Special pets that you can only receive during the christmas event.
  • Players can give eachother gifts. Use /givegift to give a gift to another player. You will be able to
    select what gift and how much to send.
  • Santa Mission! One player is chosen at random to be Santa for 5 game hours. Santa must distribute gifts to as many players as possible.

Drug Planting and Deer/Hippies

  • Modified drug plant deer and hippie logic a little.
  • Killing a deer reduces the chances of any deer attacks for the gameweek.
  • Killing a hippie reduces the chances of any hippie attacks for the gameweek.
  • Deer or Hippies stealing drugs increases their respective attack chances for the gameweek.
  • Deer are more active during the day (this is not new), Hippies are more active during the night.
  • Starting chance of deer or hippie attacks is now randomly set at the beginning of every gameweek.


  • Added /showoff2 1-27 (/so2) dancing animations.
  • You can now dance on corpses with /showoff2
  • Fixed other bugs and issues.


October 26th, 2013

Version 21.666

CnR C2 Version 21.666 is designed for SA-MP 0.3x. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Halloween Update!

  • Trick Or Treating! Visit any owned house to Trick or Treat!
  • Hidden Pumpkins. Pumpkins will drop at random spots in the city, find one to get a gift.
  • Special Halloween related clothing items
  • Special pets that you can only receive during the halloween event.
  • Players can get possessed by demons. When you are possessed by demons, you will have a certain amount of time before you die.
  • Possessed players can use /possess [nick/id] to possess other players and extend their time to live.
  • Possessed players can get an exorcism at any church to get rid of their demons.
  • Houses can get haunted by possessed players. Haunted houses will possess people who enter.
  • Players can give gifts to other players with /givegift (nick/id)
  • The bots and admins will be giving out gifts!

Player Reputation

  • Added Player Reputation System. Reputation should be given to good/helpful players.
  • Use /giverep (nick/id) to give +1 reputation to another player.
  • Use /myrep to see your current reputation.
  • You can only give +1 reputation every 90 minutes played.
  • You cannot remove reputation.
  • Reputation is global for all cities.


  • Increased the value of bonus vehicles.
  • Added /cnrradio stream location select menu.
  • Fixed issues with riding trains.
  • Fixed other bugs and issues.


August 2nd, 2013

Version 21

CnR C2 Version 21 is designed for SA-MP 0.3x. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Vehicle Purchase Points

  • All vehicle purchase points now use model preview menus (see below), so you can see all the vehicles for sale.
  • Added an Air Vehicle (Planes, Helicopters) buy point at Verdant Meadows Airfield
  • Added 3 motorbike/fun vehicle purchase points, at: LV Turning Tricks, Dillimore, Mt Chiliad
  • Added Utility Vehicle purchase points. Currently there are two, one in LV and one in SF.
  • Added a new Boat Purchase point in Bayside

Street Sweepers

  • You will now automatically make money for driving a street sweeper (civilians only).
  • Simply enter a street sweeper and start driving! You get paid when you exit the street sweeper.
  • Added street sweepers to all cities
  • You can also buy a street sweeper at the Utility Vehicle purchase points


  • Redid all missions. You shouldn't notice any changes, but the missions now use the new menu system.
  • Each mission now has its own individual wait time between missions.
  • Lower wait time for car jackers for the vehicle theft mission.
  • Lower chance of being spotted and higher chance of successful rape while on Sexual Encounter mission.
  • Moved the Sexual Encounter Mission start to the Sex Shop buy menus.

Police Manhunt Mission

  • New police mission, find the specified target within a certain amount of time.
  • Use /vc when you are close to the target.

Paperboy Mission

  • The Paperboy mission has been changed, you now have 12 game hours to deliver 25 papers.
  • This means you can now select the houses to which you deliver, you can even deliver out of town.
  • A reminder that there is a house stat for papers received, and each paper costs a small amount from the houses storage

Bible Salesman Mission

  • Added a new Bible Salesman mission, which you can start from any Church.
  • Visit as many owned houses as possible, and sell as many bibles as possible.
  • Houses might or might not purchase bibles.
  • Owners / co-owners are notified of purchased bibles if they are online.
  • Added Bibles purchased stats for houses.
  • Each bible sold will cost a small amount from the house storage.

Combine Harvester Mission

  • Added a Combine Harvester Mission, at the Farm in Blueberry.
  • Harvest as many crops as possible in a limited amount of time.
  • This mission requires a Combine Harvester.
  • There are two separate fields to chose from.
  • Up to 3 people can be harvesting one field at once.

Tractor Mission

  • Added a Tractor Mission, similar to the Lawn Mowing Mission in LV.
  • You can find the Tractor Mission at CrazyBob's Farm.
  • This mission requires a tractor, which only spawn in SF (unless you're smart!)


  • Added 5 new types of fish.
  • Added "fish areas". At anytime, any area of water can have More Fish, Less Fish, Bigger Fish, or Smaller Fish
  • The fish areas move around randomly every few hours.
  • Small increase in Fish Cooler ice price.

Fishing Tournaments

  • Added Fishing Tournaments! The winner receives a nice prize.
  • Fishing tournaments start at 4am, randomly once every few days.
  • The Fishing Tournament Bonus gets bigger as more people participate.
  • To participate, you simply need to fish during the tournament.
  • You don't need to keep the fish you catch for the tournament.
  • Type /fishtour for your fishing tournament information

Model Preview Menus

  • New menus which display vehicle models in the menu.
  • These are used for all vehicle purchase points, so you can see the vehicles for sale
  • Also used for the Car Theft mission, so you can see what vehicles you need to find
  • You can turn the model preview menus off and go back to standard menus, in your Display Settings (/settings)


  • Continued converting menus to the new menu system:
  • Challenge and Challenge Records menus
  • Fish records menu
  • Stocks Menus
  • Jail Appeal Menus
  • /suspects /warrants /mw Menus
  • /wotd menu


  • Redid /cmds Command Help System, thanks to Carl2 for all the work on this.
  • LV Holdup Mission has been moved, you can find it with the GPS.
  • Small Police bonus increase (tickets and arrests)
  • Made Armor a default item at all Ammunations
  • A few small changes to the stock markets
  • Added a few new special clothes items
  • Reduced script CO2 emissions by nearly 100%.
  • Fixed some other bugs, issues and exploits


  • Nothing has been reset, EXCEPT:
  • All stocks have been reset (you have lost all your stocks).
  • If you had more than 10 Million $ on you + in bank, it has been reduced to 10 million $
  • If you had more than 10 Million $ in a house, it has been reduced to 10 million $
  • In exchange, everyone gets 3 Free Vehicle Credits.
  • Thanks Obama!


December 22nd, 2012

Version 20.2 - Christmas Update

CnR C2 Version 20.2 is designed for SA-MP 0.3e. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Christmas Update!

  • Christmas trees and decorations
  • Type /tree near any christmas tree to receive a gift.
  • Santa is dropping random gifts at random spots throughout the city
  • Special Christmas clothing items
  • Special Christmas food/drink items
  • Special pets that you can only receive during the christmas event.
  • Players can give eachother gifts. Use /givegift to give a gift to another player. You will be able to

    select what gift and how much to send.

  • Santa Mission! One player is chosen at random to be Santa for 5 game hours. Santa must distribute gifts to as many players as possible.
  • The bots and admins will be giving out gifts!


  • Street Vendors can now sell more drink items
  • Added a No Group Invite setting. Use /settings or /noinvite.
  • Fixed some other bugs and issues


October 28th, 2012

Version 20.1 - Halloween Update

CnR C2 Version 20.1 is designed for SA-MP 0.3e. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Halloween Update!

  • Trick Or Treating! Visit any owned house to Trick or Treat!
  • Hidden Pumpkins. Pumpkins will drop at random spots in the city, find one to get a gift.
  • Special Halloween related clothing items
  • Special pets that you can only receive during the halloween event.
  • Players can get possessed by demons. When you are possessed by demons, you will have a certain amount of time before you die.
  • Possessed players can use /possess [nick/id] to possess other players and extend their time to live.
  • Possessed players can get an exorcism at any church to get rid of their demons.
  • Houses can get haunted by possessed players. Haunted houses will possess people who enter.
  • House values have been reduced by 15% for the halloween event only!
  • The bots and admins will be giving out gifts!


  • Added the $crime quickstring for your last crime.
  • Increased paperboy mission time.
  • Reduced all mission wait times.
  • Added /givepet to give your pet to another player.


September 8th, 2012

Version 20

CnR C2 Version 20 is designed for SA-MP 0.3e. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.


  • All players must start New Lives for Version 20, sorry!.
  • This includes your current life, houses, clothes and stocks.
  • Your score and total stats have not been changed.
  • Records (challenges, DM Stadium) have been reset.
  • Please remember that with no owned houses, there will be no house deliveries or maid missions for a few days.
  • Your old life data and all the other data will be kept, and we might post some lists of top players sometime later.
  • We have setup a special bitching thread on the forums: Here

New OST (On Screen Text)

  • If you're wondering, the OST (On Screen Text) are the little lines of text at the bottom middle of the screen.
  • The OST Display System has been entirely redone
  • You can now set the amount of lines of OST text you want (1 to 5). 3 Lines is the default amount.
  • You can now set the text size of OST Text (Small, Medium, Large). Medium is default.
  • If you have an o-k resolution, I strongly suggest 5 lines of OST with small text.
  • You can set the ost at the bottom of the screen, or below your chat as before.
  • You can now move the OST Text up and down as you want
  • Type /ostsettings for OST Settings, or select OST Settings from the Display Options Menu (/display).

New Menu System

  • Most of the menus have been updated to the new menu system (you will not notice the change).
  • You can now move menus up and down as you want in your Display Settings (/display)
  • You can turn automatic menu recall (after purchasing an item for example) off in your Display Settings
  • If Text Draw Menus are off, menus are not automatically recalled.
  • A few menus have not been redone, they will not be in the positions you set. These will be done for the next update.

Group System

  • The Group System has been entirely redone, with textdraw menus
  • Same functionality and commands as before, type /group for group main menu.
  • There is a now a Group Owner.
  • The Group Owner can add Group Leaders from group members.
  • There can be multiple group leaders.
  • Group leaders can invite / accept join requests / remove players from groups
  • You can now set the group join type: Request To Join, Open To All, Invite Only
  • You can set a group join message which players will see when they join the group
  • For those who are interested, the group system was the last section of code not changed or modified since CnR C2 Version 1.

New Item System

  • The item purchase / sale system has been entirely redone, preparing for Businesses.
  • Shops/businesses now each have different sell inventories. (Different items)
  • When purchasing items, you will get a menu asking how many you want to buy (if you can buy more than 1).
  • You can turn the Quantity Request menu off in /settings. When off, you will always purchase 1 like before.
  • You can also have a Purchase Confirmation menu for purchases above a certain amount. You can configure the amount at which this menu shows up in /settings. (Off by default)
  • Different types of stores can sell different items, some items cannot be sold by some stores.
  • Each shop/business has its own markup for each item (different prices). The base prices for everything are still based on the prime rate.
  • Players who sell items/services now buy Sell Items individually, and can now select what they sell.
  • This affects the following skills: Street Vendor, Arms Dealer, Drug Dealer, Medic, Food Vendor and Mechanic.
  • Salespeople must now use /sell to offer items. You still use /items /drugs /weapons /mechanic /food and /medic to call for services.
  • Salespeople (see skills listed above) can buy Sell Items from different stores now.
  • Different skills can sell different items. Some items cannot be sold by some skills.
  • There is a large variety of Sell Items to chose from. You decide what you sell and for how much!
  • Salespeople can manage their inventories / prices.
  • Type /sellmenu for the main sales menu, from which you will have all sell item options.
  • Certain skills have fixed items they are forced to hold. For example, medic is forced to have heal, cure, heal+cure.
  • When you start a new life, you will receive a small amount of sell items for your skill. After that you are on your own.
  • You receive a discount when purchasing sell items, so you can make a profit.
  • When setting sell item prices, you will see the price you paid, and the current market value for that item.
  • When you change skills, you keep your current items. Your new skill may not be able to sell some of those items, they will be listed as "Cannot Sell".
  • Salespeople should visit different types of shops to find different sell items.
  • As a drug dealer, offering items is a crime. Drug dealers can buy a Drug Sales permit so that offering isn't a crime.
  • As an arms dealer, offering items is a crime. Arms dealers can buy a Weapon Sales permit so that offering isn't a crime.
  • Sales people can chose to enforce the weapon permit for selling guns in /sellmenu. Selling a gun to a player who doesn't have a permit is a crime.
  • You can find description messages for some of the items in the /help menu.
  • Added quite a few new food and drink items.
  • All salespeople skills (see above) are counted in the Salesman of the Day award.

City Hall Security

  • Hired a security guard for outside city halls.
  • He has a flashlight, and takes his job very seriously.
  • You will immediately get a warrant or arrested for person on person crimes in his range.


  • Wanted criminals can no longer take direct flights - they can still skydive.
  • When a wanted criminal goes skydiving, cops in range receive a message saying where the suspect went skydiving.

Xoomer Garages

  • You can buy vehicle mods and vehicle wheels from the Xoomer garages (checkpoints).
  • You can now buy trailers from the garages where you can buy trucks.
  • Free Vehicle Credits now apply to Xoomer Garage vehicle purchases and Boat Purchases.
  • The Xoomer Garage is a shop/business like the others, some skills can buy Sell Items here.

Police Garages

  • Police of a certain rank can now buy police vehicles from the police garages.
  • Police of a certain rank can now buy a Police Upgrade for civilian vehicles.
  • A Police Upgrade lets you arrest from inside a civilian vehicle, but it doesn't cause civilians stealing it to become wanted.
  • You cannot buy a Police Upgrade for bikes or air vehicles.

Boxing In Gyms

  • Deaths and Kills in Gym boxing rings are Free / Legal.
  • You will respawn in the same gym, with no medical fees.
  • No guns or chainsaws allowed, they will be counted as normal kills.
  • Melee weapons are allowed.

Player Lawsuits

  • You can Sue other players! A legal way to deal with your differences.
  • Type /sue (nick/id) to sue another player.
  • You will be asked for an amount of money to request.
  • You will also be asked for a lawsuit reason, which the defendant and jury will see.
  • The defendant (player sued) can select a plea, innocent or guilty.
  • A guilty plea makes you automatically pay the amount requested.
  • If you plead innocent, you are asked for a defense message, and a jury is selected for the trial.
  • Random players / bots are selected for the jury and get to choose a winner.
  • If the plaintiff (player suing) loses, he pays the amount requested to the defendant (player sued).
  • If the plaintiff wins, the defendant pays the amount requested.
  • The plaintiff (player suing) pays legal fees.
  • You can only sue one player every 3 game days.
  • Better call Saul!

Cooking Drugs In RVs

  • Civilians can now cook drugs in RVs (Journey).
  • You must purchase Lab Equipment to cook drugs.
  • You must be a passenger to begin cooking.
  • Type /cook to begin cooking.
  • If the vehicle moves while you are cooking drugs, the cook is put on hold.
  • If the cook is on hold too long, you fail the cook and lose the drugs.
  • The amount of drugs you receive once the cook is done depends on the purity of your product.
  • As you complete successful cooks, your Drug Cooking Skill will increase.
  • A higher cooking skill will increase the amount you can produce as well as the purity of your product.
  • A higher cooking skill will also lower your cooking time.
  • You lose your cooking skill if/when you are arrested.
  • Every time the cook is placed on hold, the purity decreases.
  • Careful with those dangerous chemicals!
  • Cooked drugs are considered "fresh", you can sell them at drug refill points.
  • Added the Journey to all cities.
  • Will you be CnR's Heisenberg?
  • A Video tutorial for cooking drugs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0Mqb-5BYpg

UPS Delivery Missions

  • Pickup goods at a random shop and deliver them to a player.
  • Type /ups to begin a UPS Delivery mission.
  • Pickup the goods at the specified business.
  • You must Enter the Business to pickup the goods.
  • Deliver the goods to the specified player.
  • The delivery recipient can chose to accept or refuse delivery.
  • The delivery recipient will receive an item or gift.


  • Type /shoplift at a shop/business checkpoint to attempt to steal an item.
  • You can steal real items from the shops' inventories.

Friday Night Parties!

  • Every Friday Night (game time), a random club/bar is selected as a party location.
  • Friday Night Parties last from Friday 19:00 to 4:00 the next morning. (Game Time)
  • Friday Night Parties are announced to all players. Everyone is invited.
  • Crimes and weapons are not allowed at friday night parties.
  • Alcohol is free at friday night parties.
  • Drugs and gambling are fully legal at friday night parties.
  • Things like /piss and /puke are not crimes at parties, however you cannot do them to another player.
  • Type /party for Friday Night Party information.
  • You can use the GPS to find the friday night party location, or type /party.

Players Dropping Money Bags

  • Player can drop a money bag with a specified amount of money (50k$ minimum) anywhere on the map.
  • Create your own money rush!
  • Type /moneybag [amount] to drop a money bag.
  • Money bags can be dropped anywhere outside or in City Hall.
  • One bag per player at a time.
  • You must be registered and have a minimum playtime to drop a money bag.
  • Once you drop a bag, other players will receive a message a few seconds later (so you can move away and not be spotted on the map).
  • Player dropped money bags are listed on the Money Rush (/mr) menu (after everyone has received the message).
  • If you want to cancel your dropped money bag, simply pick it up.
  • Money bags stay even if the player who dropped them quits. They disappear when the city changes however.


  • You can now carry 40 items of clothes/accessories.
  • You can now place 40 items of clothes/accessories in houses.
  • Some of the special clothes conditions have been changed, and added some new special clothes items.

Stock Market Changes

  • You can now only own 25000 shares of each type.
  • Entirely redid the way the stocks increase/decrease each day. Still based on actual game supply and demand.


  • New /help Menu
  • New /info Menu. You still get the same player info if you do /i [nick/id], you get the menu if you just do /i
  • New /fishinfo Menu
  • New /hitinfo menu which lists who placed a hit on you, but also hits placed on other players.
  • /givefreshdrugs (nick/id) (amount) to give fresh drugs to another player
  • Cops closest to the entrance are now called for crimes committed in interiors.
  • Added the Pony to pets. D:
  • Added 8 new civilian skins.
  • Fired [BOT]Roger, [BOT]Rosie has been promoted to City Hall. [BOT]Zero will be taking Rosie's place at LV RPC.
  • Jizzy was laid off from his own bar, so I hired him at my house.
  • Added a LV Racer bot (cheetah) in the desert near the airstrip in Verdant Meadows.
  • Moved all the pickups (thanks to the Admins for doing this)
  • You can now sell your fish at restaurants.
  • Use /permits to Cancel your Permits.
  • Fixed a lot of issues / exploits.


December 14, 2011

Version 19.4

CnR C2 Version 19.4 is designed for SA-MP 0.3d. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.


  • Removed vending machines
  • Removed K.A.C.C. fuels fence
  • Removed floating table and annoying chairs in the Regular Players Club
  • Added vehicles / delivery point / mission point to KACC Fuel Depot
  • Added open LS Mall shops (shops will be added in future updates)
  • Fixed the sit/death animation bug
  • Fixed the new phone colors from SA-MP 0.3d

Christmas Update

  • Added christmas trees all over the 3 cities
  • Added snow! (in certain areas)
  • Type /tree near a tree to get a gift. You can get small useless gifts, or regular gifts, it's random. You can visit each tree once per day.
  • Bots giving out gifts randomly*
  • Santa drops gift boxes at random locations around the city.* Find one and get a gift!
  • Added christmas truck delivery items
  • Added special Christmas pets, which you can only get from gifts. You can only receive a pet as a gift if you don't already have a pet, so you might want to ditch your current pet for the holidays.
  • Added a Soup Kitchen at every church for the poor & homeless.

* The frequency of random / dropped gifts will increase as december 25th gets closer.


October 29, 2011

Version 19.3

CnR C2 Version 19.3 is designed for SA-MP 0.3c. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

This update includes the first features of the 2011 halloween update. More halloween features could be added over the next few days, so stay tuned. Be sure to wear your best costumes!


  • /gunpoint animation (you must be holding a weapon)
  • All race challenges are FREE on tuesdays. (/challenge)
  • Bots play the lottery less
  • Fixed some bugs and issues


  • Added Trick or Treating at houses
  • Bots will be giving out random gifts!
  • Added special halloween pets that you can only get from gifts (Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Ghost, Witch, Goblin, Monster, Skeleton)
  • Players can be possessed by demons, and have 12 hours to live
  • Possessed players can possess other players with /possess [nick/id] to increase their time to live
  • Possessed players can get an exorcism at any church


August 31, 2011

Version 19.2

CnR C2 Version 19.2 is designed for SA-MP 0.3c. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

What's Changed:

  • Increased the amount of jurors for each appeal to 15 (was 10).
  • Fixed the fish records not displaying all fish (there are now 2 pages)
  • Fixed the "Fishing please wait..." textdraw (and some others) closing any open menu
  • Fixed the /fishsell bug where the menu would just disappear
  • Added a reduction to medical fees if you die in jail
  • Fixed some issues with medical fees
  • Fixed tax display issues (the wrong amount was displayed for storage tax).
  • I'd like to remind you all that tax rates have not changed since Version 18. The only change is that your stocks count towards your cash value. Tax rates increase and decrease with the prime rate.
  • Lowered the chance of the seamonster killing you even if you have fish
  • Modified Illegal Immigrant Delivery Missions: you will now only get "La Migra" (wanted) if you are within the city limits, AND a cop is in range. This means you could possibly avoid the cops and not get a warrant. You'll still get a minor crime upon delivery as usual.
  • As a reminder, the "cop range" is the range in which cops "see you" committing crimes. It is larger during the day (daylight hours) and smaller at night.
  • Fixed some other bugs and issues


August 18, 2011

Version 19.1

CnR C2 Version 19.1 for SA-MP 0.3c is now on the servers. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

What's new / changed in version 19.1:

  • Fixed issues with debt (which particularly affected people who have textdraws off)
  • Reset everyone's debt to 0$
  • Added your debt (if you have any) to the money info textdraw (/$i)
  • Lowered medical fees a bit
  • Made houses get dirtier faster
  • Fixed an issue with delivering newspapers to houses right after a city start
  • Added a mid screen message with your fish catch
  • Added an option in /settings to disable the fish catch mid screen message
  • Added /pole (or /rod) to take out or put away your fishing rod quickly.
  • Added /crowbar to take out or put away your crowbar quickly.

Extra Info...

Medical Fees

How medical fees are calculated:

  • Base medical fee rate (lower for cops, higher for civilians), adjusted by the prime rate (higher prime rate = lower medical fees, lower prime rate = higher medical fees)
  • Each day you have been alive since your last death reduces the rate by a tiny amount.
  • Each kill since your last death (except valid hit kills for hitmen) increases the rate by a tiny amount.
  • The result is the percentage of your total cash value (cash + bank + stocks + house storage) that you will pay, up to a certain maximum percentage / amount.
  • There is a minimum amount to pay even if you are poor.
  • Since it's always a percentage (
  • Storage value also includes all other items in your storage, except clothes (for now).
  • Having a pimp gives you a reduction on medical fees.
  • If the church likes you enough, there is a chance they will pay your medical fees.
  • The state pays your medical fees on your cnr birthdays.

Life Insurance

  • Life insurance is more expensive since medical fees are more expensive.
  • There is a small daily life insurance fee, based on your total value.
  • Bank Interest And Bank Insurance

    • The bank interest rate fluctuates with the prime rate.
    • The bank insurance rate is fixed for now.
    • Bank interest and bank insurance are now done at the same time, so you can see how much you're receiving and how much you're paying.
    • Bank interest and bank insurance are paid every 2 gamedays.


    • Failure to pay medical fees, bail after death in jail, or taxes, will result in you being in debt.
    • Your outstanding debt will be applied to your next tax bill.
    • If you keep a debt for 2 game days in a row, one of your houses will automatically be sold to cover your debt (if you own any). You will receive the difference from the house sale.
    • You can check if you are in debt with the /moneyinfo command (/$i).
    • Debt usually results from being very poor, or owning high value properties and not having the funds to cover the property tax, or having all your funds tied up in stocks.


    • The fishing was changed to make it more interactive, and less "press button - receive fish". The total time you wait (even without a fishing rod) is actually lower than the old system, meaning you can fish more.
    • As I said on the what's new page, you can buy a fishing rod at any bait shop. The fishing rod is a clothes/accessories item, so it will be in your clothes inventory after you purchase it.
    • You can own multiple fishing rods, and you can sell fishing rods to other players just like other clothes items.
    • Holding (not just owning) your fishing rod will increase your chance of catching something while fishing, and will lower the time you wait (both waiting while fishing and in between /fish usage)
    • You can use /clotheswear to take out or remove your fishing pole, or the new /rod or /pole commands.
    • You can disable the mid screen "Your Catch: [insert catch here]" message in /settings

    Fish Slap / Fish Eat

    • The amount of health / damage from fish slapping or fish eating used to be based only on the size of the fish compared to the max size for that type of fish. So a 4.5 lb trout could have been the same health as a 750lb shark.
    • It's now also based on general fish size, so the biggest fish will give the most health/damage.
    • There's also a new multiplier for each type of fish for fishslap, so some fish cause more damage than others (like the Piranha always has). You get to figure out which cause the most damage!

    New Houses!

    • You've all seen the new houses in Las Venturas (visit Whitewood Estates if you haven't), but there's also new houses in SF and LS.
    • In SF, you will find the new houses in Financial (near downtown). These are nice 1 and 2 level townhouses with car save, so check them out!
    • In LS, there are a few new houses on admin hill (mostly on the west end), and a few new houses in the El Corona ghetto.
    • The new houses are now on the Online House Map (minus the exterior pictures).

    Jail Appeals

    • You must have a sentence time of 1:30 or higher to appeal.
    • You cannot appeal if you have committed murder since your last jail release.
    • Your last crimes are cleared when you bail out of jail or are paroled, not when you escape.
    • Jury members are picked at random, from law enforcement agents and innocent civilians.
    • Jury members get 5000$ for voting, no matter what their vote is. So vote people!

    New Race Challenges

    • There are new race challenges, so go do them!

    House related missions

    • House delivery missions add money to the house's storage
    • House maid missions are paid from the house's storage (except the bonus), if there's enough. If not, you are paid by umm, the maid agency I guess.
    • Paperboy deliveries also take a small amount from the house storage, if there's enough.
    • The only way you can prevent maids from cleaning your house is by keeping it clean yourself.

    Church Robbery

    • In case it's not clear, the church robbery is like a store holdup: you can leave the checkpoint at anytime to end the robbery, and you will receive the money you have collected until then.
    • The Church frowns upon church robberies.

    Flower Missions

    • Cops can now do flower missions
    • The flower mission can be started at any church


August 14th 2011

Version 19

CnR C2 Version 19 is designed for SA-MP 0.3c. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

New Locations:

  • Added vv2v's House
  • Added JRN's Del Boca Vista
  • Added The Observatory Mansion in LS
  • Added Woozie's Private Club In SF (Chinatown)
  • Added The SA-MP Office Tower in Downtown LS
  • New Residential Development in LV

New Robbery Locations:

  • San Fierro Drug Factory
  • Woozie's Private Club (SF)
  • Jizzy's Pleasure Domes (SF)
  • Observatory Mansion (LS)
  • SA-MP Office Tower (LS)


  • Added Airport Robbery Mission (Requires a truck or van)
  • Added Illegal Immigrant Delivery Mission - Pickup and delivery illegal immigrants
  • Added Sexual Encounter Mission - Have 5 sexual encounters with different players
  • Added Pickpocket Mission - Rob 10000$ from different players
  • Added Paperboy Mission - Deliver Newspapers to owned houses
  • Holdup missions changed to 3 stores robbed in 7 game hours.
  • Sexual Encounter missions can be started in Sex Shops.
  • Flower delivery missions can be started at Churches.
  • Added mission checkpoints to the GPS

House Cleaning / House Maid Job:

  • Houses get dirtier with each visit / each gameweek
  • You can see how clean/dirty your house is in your House Stats
  • You can clean your own house
  • If a house is not fully clean, other players can clean it as a house maid (option on the house checkpoint menu)
  • You make money for house maid jobs

Fishing / Fish:

  • Redid the fishing system, you now wait while fishing (reeling in your line) and lowered the general wait time
  • Added new fish types
  • Added a fishing rod clothes item, which you can purchase at any bait shop
  • Holding a fishing rod (/clotheswear) while fishing will reduce your fishing time and increase your chance of catching a fish
  • Health gained from eating fish has been changed
  • Health lost from fish slaps has been changed
  • Removed the fish slap "jump" animation

Church Of CnR:

  • Added checkpoints at all the Churches
  • Pray, and a miracle may occur
  • Confess your sins to the church
  • Donate your in-game money to the church!
  • If the church likes you, they might pay your medical fees
  • You can rob the church within the current city

Jail Sentence Appeal:

  • Type /appeal in jail to appeal your sentence
  • You will be asked to plead your case in a short message which the jurors will see
  • 10 Random players (including bots) are selected as jurors, and get to decide your fate
  • You cannot appeal your sentence if your crimes were violent (murder)


  • Added a time delay for mechanics repairing other players vehicles
  • Mechanics can no longer sell their services while standing on a vehicle (car surfing)
  • Your hood will stay open while purchasing wheels or a color change


  • Added a lot of new pets (75 in total)
  • Added "baby" to pet names for any young pets
  • Cops can pet fight
  • Lowered the amount a pet grows from eating a bit

Medical Fees:

  • Increased medical fees
  • Your days alive between deaths will lower your medical fees
  • Your amount of kills between deaths will increase your medical fees
  • 10% rebate on medical fees if your pimp is paying for you
  • Increased life insurance price
  • Daily life insurance fees
  • Please note that all these fees will most likely be adjusted

Race Challenges:

  • Reset race challenge global records
  • New Race challenges:
    • LV Fly-by (Air)
    • San Fierro Bay (Boat)
    • San Fierro Bridges (Land)
    • San Fierro Fly-by (Air)
    • Farm Road (Land)
    • LS Heli Tour (Air)
    • North LS Circuit (Land)
    • Boat Ride (Boat)


  • Lowered bank interest rates
  • Lowered bank insurance fees
  • Bank insurance is now paid every 2 days at the same time as interest is added


  • You can now own 15 more clothes items, for a total of 35.
  • Added 84 new houses (some in each city)
  • All enter/exit/teleport checkpoints (except houses) have been replaced by a yellow arrow, like in Single Player
  • Added two (2) new bait shops, near Montgomery and in Flint County.
  • Lowered the wait time between service offers to different players
  • Added a textdraw at the car sell cranes with your current vehicle damage and sell price
  • Added a Crowbar clothes item, which you can purchase at any Truck Stop or at Zero RC
  • Holding your Crowbar (/clotheswear) will lower your robbery time (robberies & holdups) and increase your chance of a successful robbery
  • Any Crowbars you own will be removed when you are sent to jail
  • Any Fishing Rods you own will be removed when you are sent to jail, if you do not have a valid fishing permit
  • Added a message to tell you which items have been removed when you are sent to jail
  • Your last crimes list (/crimes) is saved when you quit the server
  • Your last crimes list (/crimes) is cleared when you bail out of jail
  • Increased prices for the Drug Dealer Bots
  • Increased the price you receive for selling fresh drugs at drug refill points
  • You will not receive calls for your services while on a mission
  • Added some features to prevent cop report abuse
  • Fixed the PM sound for pms from a different player
  • Fixed some health tracking/saving issues
  • Playing dice is now legal in city hall
  • Added a "Paused" label for paused players
  • Fixed vehicle lights not staying on when you exited a vehicle
  • Added /prules (Police Rules)
  • Lowered the amount received from Stock Splits and modified the stock markets a bit
  • Adjusted some of the truck delivery positions
  • Added more out of town vehicles and more boats
  • Lowered the cop arrest radius inside interiors
  • Added gate objects around city hall entrances to block vehicles
  • Added some new money rush spots
  • The value of your shares is now taken into account for medical fees and taxes
  • Added a chance of no crime for /rob on a civilian for the pickpocket skill
  • Fixed other bugs / issues

What Is Reset?:

  • Race Challenge Records (Global, not your personal records)
  • Pets
  • House Pets
  • Shares / Stock Market
  • Your House storage money has been lowered to a max of 500k$
  • Your money & bank money has been lowered to pay for version 19 tax!

Some notes:

  • The new houses & race challenges are not currently on the Online Maps. They will be added soon.
  • More detailed information about all the new features will be added to the website soon


May 14, 2011

Version 18

CnR C2 Version 18 is designed for SA-MP 0.3c. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

New Server IPs!
Server 1:
Server 2:


  • Added a new Skill, Mechanic
  • A Mechanic can sell vehicle repairs, vehicle color changes, mods and wheels to other players
  • /mechanic to call for a Mechanic
  • /mechanic On Foot as a Mechanic to offer your services to another player
  • /prices to change your prices (Mechanic)
  • For Mods and Wheels, players will pay your price + price of parts
  • /calls to view recent Mechanic calls (Mechanic)
  • /vehrepair to repair your vehicle (outside your vehicle) (Mechanic)

New Skins:

  • Added all the unused skins (except the special skins)
  • Food vendors now spawn at random spawns and can pick a skill
  • Food vendors can change their skill


  • Any innocent civilian can go on duty as a driver in a driver vehicle
  • There is no carjacking protection, so be careful!
  • You can also purchase a Driver Upgrade from a Xoomer and go on duty in any multiseat vehicle
  • /driver [fare] to go on duty as a Driver
  • /dcalls to view recent Driver calls (On duty as a driver)
  • Removed Driver as a skill. (Any civilian can be a driver now)

Public Transportation:

  • Added Bot Bus Drivers and bus routes
  • 2 bus routes per city, inner route and outer route
  • Multiple buses on each route
  • Buses are drivers on duty (pay x$/10 game minutes)
  • Increased tax credits for using public transportation


  • Added Clothes Industries Shares to the stock market
  • Fixed some issues with mid screen messages for similar events
  • Increased house sale max price
  • The gender you set in /settings now saves. You can chose to use this saved gender or the class default gender.
  • Fixed some other bugs and issues
  • More socialism! All money holds (cash, bank, house storage) above 5 million $ were reduced to 5 million $
  • This will help pay the Bot bus drivers, thank you!


March 16, 2011

Version 17.1

CnR C2 Version 17.1 is designed for SA-MP 0.3c. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.


  • /clothesinv or /cinv command to see your clothes inventory.
  • /clothesinfo or /cinfo command to see what clothes another player is wearing. Use /clothesinfo (nick/id) or /clothesinfo for the closest player in range.
  • Added mobile phones as clothes/accessories items sold in shops.
  • You receive a free phone once you have 100 hours played for a city.
  • An automatic phone animation is done when you send or receive a private message and are holding a phone (and no weapons). You can turn this off in /settings
  • Fixed other bugs

There are also special clothing items that nobody has yet, and more of these have been and are being added regularly (even in between updates).


February 27, 2011

Version 17

CnR C2 Version 17 is designed for SA-MP 0.3c. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Clothes and Accessories:

  • Buy and wear clothes and accessories!
  • The clothes and barber shops are open for business!
  • You can carry up to 20 items of clothing
  • You can wear up to 5 items of clothing at a time
  • You will get to preview items at the store before buying them
  • Item inventories for each store are different each week, and quantities are limited!
  • Some items are only sold at certain stores
  • There are special clothing items that you will automatically receive after completing certain (secret) tasks
  • You can sell clothes back to stores, which are added to their inventories
  • You can store 20 items of clothing house storage
  • /clothes Clothes Main menu, to manage your clothes and accessories
  • /clotheswear Wear Clothes
  • /clothesremove Remove Clothes
  • /clothesdiscard Discard an Item (You will no longer own the item)
  • /clothespos Adjust positions/rotations/scale of clothes you are wearing
  • /clothesprices Set Your Clothes For Sale to other players
  • All these commands are available from the /clothes Menu
  • /clothessell [nick/id] Offer To Sell Clothes To Someone (Just an Ad really)
  • /clothesbuy [nick/id] Buy Clothes From Another Player
  • Clothes Sales Permit, which gives you a 10% discount at clothes shops, and removes clothes sales tax to other players


  • Added a /faq command with some frequently asked questions. This is mostly for new players, so let them know that it exists!

City Hall:

  • City Hall is now a weapon free area!
  • If you have a hit contract on you and you enter City Hall, you will be automatically kicked out after 2 minutes


  • Clothes and Barber shops added to courier and mission locations
  • Clothes and Barber shops added to holdup locations
  • Lots of other small / unnoticeable fixes


December 21, 2010

Version 16.5

CnR C2 Version 16.5 is designed for SA-MP 0.3c. A new CnR update has been released, on Server #1 Only. This is the CnR Christmas Update, on a New Version of SA-MP. Since SA-MP 0.3c is still in Beta, this update will only be applied to Server #1 for now. You can expect it on Server #2 soon. For now, Server #2 will remain on SA-MP 0.3b. You cannot connect to a 0.3b server with 0.3c and vice versa.

General Script Changes

  • Fixed issues with the GPS arrows not appearing.
  • Added a minimum time between /fisheat
  • Added /lights, /trunk and /hood commands to control your vehicles Lights or Open the trunk or hood. (/boot and /bonnet for you weirdos? xD)
  • SA-MP 0.3c! (Thanks SA-MP Team)
  • Added a default /copmsg message, indicating your location and heading.
  • You can now use different weapons for driveby as a passenger, including: Pistol, Silenced Pistol, Shotgun, Tec9, Micro SMG, MP5, AK47, M4, Sniper Rifle

Christmas Features

  • Decorations
  • Christmas trees
  • Type /tree near any christmas tree to collect gifts.
  • The bots are making a list and checking it twice, they're going to find out who's naughty and who's nice. They're also giving out gifts randomly.
  • Admins are giving out gifts
  • Dec 24th: Santa has too many gifts, some of them are getting lost! Gifts from santa drop at random locations throughout the current city, find them before anyone else! If you're wondering where they are or what they look like, they're in easy to find locations, and you can't miss them. They only spawn within the current city. Thanks to xenex for helping to get all the random positions.


October 25, 2010

Version 16.1

CnR C2 Version 16.1 is designed for SA-MP 0.3b. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.


  • Donating players can now use /vehcolor (color1) [color2] to change their vehicle color for 100$ ( http://www.crazybobs.net/donate.html )
  • Fixed the "birthday bug", where people were paying for their own birthday money and not receiving money from other players. Sorry to anyone affected by this, hopefully your next birthday will be better :P
  • Cops receive less cop work for arrests / tickets inside the police departments or city hall. This will make cop of the day more fair for non-camping cops.
  • Fixed a bug with the house market staying stuck high
  • You can no longer cancel a hit if you placed a hit on someone who already had a hit.
  • You can now own 2 life insurance policies
  • Medical fees for rich people have been reduced a tiny bit
  • Added a $lchat quickstring (Last person who said something in global chat)

Adjustments to the stock market:

  • All stocks have been reset (yes, you lost your shares again. boo-hoo)
  • The stock market values now change each hour from 7am to 7pm every gameday
  • No changes to the stock market values between 7pm and 7am
  • Stocks will now split when they reach their maximum value
  • Fixed some other bugs and exploits

Another feature added before version 16 which was never listed:

  • Redid the skydiving
  • There is now a parachute in the plane in case you don't have yours for some reason
  • Many more random spots (the skydiving spots change every gameday)


October 2, 2010

Version 16

CnR C2 Version 16 is designed for SA-MP 0.3b. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

GPS / Pathfinding:

  • GPS System using Mr.X's pathfinding data (visit the online maps) to guide you to different locations
  • Arrows are displayed on the road showing you the suggested route to your destination
  • Select from almost all the important locations in San Andreas
  • The GPS is automatically set for any mission where you have to get to a specific location (you can turn this off)
  • You can set 5 custom locations which save with your life data
  • GPS Distances can be displayed in km/meters or in miles/feet
  • Use /gps for the main gps menu
  • The plant GPS is now /pgps
  • Other GPS commands (all accessible from the /gps menu): /gpshide /gpsresume /gpsclear /gpsset /gpsdest /gpssettings
  • Please help new players searching for places (like the car sell crane) by telling them to use /gps
  • You can find out more about the GPS and GPS Settings here.

Selling Permissions:

  • You can now control who you sell / don't sell to. (For skills who offer services)
  • You can use your "no sell" list in two ways: Not selling to people on the list OR Selling only to people on the list
  • Use /nosell to access the selling permissions main menu
  • Other commands (can all be accessed from the main menu): /noselllist /noselladd /noselldel /noselldelall /noselladdall
  • You can still do business with people you aren't selling to if you offer them services
  • Players on your list Do Not Save when they/you quit the server
  • You can also turn off calls for your services with /nocalls
  • This applies to: Items vendors, medics, arms dealers, food vendors, drug dealers, prostitutes and drivers
  • You can find out more about Selling Permissions on the forums here.


  • The walking bots (prostitutes, drug dealers, ...) are back (gone since Version 15.5)
  • Three (3) new airplane bots who fly from airport to airport. Purchase tickets at the airport terminals and enter the checkpoint near the runway to board a plane. (added in Version 15.5)
  • Menus for the police department bots. Press MMB near them for the menu.
  • The bots now pick lotto numbers right before the lottery drawing, so they won't take your numbers

Driving / Flying Challenge Bots:

  • These bots will offer you a challenge. Place a bet, and try to keep up to them.
  • It's not a race! You just have to stay close enough to the bot. Your distance is displayed on your screen.
  • These bots have multiple random routes
  • You can also pay for a passenger ride
  • Driving bot near the SF Airport
  • Driving bot in Dillimore
  • Flying bot at the Verdant Meadows airfield (helicopter)

Stock Market:

  • With businesses coming, this expands upon the CnR economy system
  • Buy and sell shares of different business types
  • All real businesses throughout CnR/San Andreas
  • Markets fluctuate through real in game supply and demand factors (ex: purchases at 24/7 help the 24/7 market)
  • Visit City Hall or any Bank to access the stock market
  • /shares to see the shares you own
  • You can own up to 100000 shares of each company
  • Please note that the stock market is still being tested! Values / shares could be changed or lost at any time.
  • Buy low and sell high!


  • Text draw for listing hits
  • Clear message displayed mid-screen for cancelled hits for the closest hitman within 1km
  • Suicide deaths within range of a hitman now count as a completed hit
  • /cancelhit to cancel a hit you placed


  • Changed the police level colors a bit for better visibility (lighter blue)
  • Redid police refill. Visit the police bot and press MMB.
  • Cops now have refill credits to use on police refills. You get credits each gameday based on your rank, and also for arrests and for stopping robberies.
  • Vehicle Repair kit. Purchase at the police garage. To repair your vehicle, simply stop, exit the vehicle and type /vehrepair.
  • You can carry 1 vehicle repair kit. For police only.


  • You are now taxed for any money taken from someone elses house. This includes co-owners.
  • People who breakin to a house can't be kicked out for 45 seconds. Robbing the house cancels this.
  • You can breakin to a house if anyone is inside, even if the owners aren't connected. (Unless the person inside broke in too)
  • A note for above, you still can't rob a house unless the owners (owner, co-owners) are connected
  • Lower wait time for house breakins, and even lower wait time if your breakin fails.


  • New money rush spots
  • Text chat for actions (like /wank /piss /wave ...) are now only displayed to players within a certain range if there are many players on the server. This is to reduce chat spam.
  • The chance of /fart explosions has been lowered. The more you /fart, the more your chances of exploding go down.
  • Increased medical fees and added an extra amount for rich people (yay socialism!)
  • Vehicles parked on/very close to entrances are now automatically respawned. If you want to keep your vehicle, don't block entrance checkpoints!
  • Increased the lotto numbers to 125
  • 50 new truck delivery locations
  • New delivery items
  • Cleared global race challenge records
  • Cleared all house storages
  • Version 16 tax for everyone! (Yes, everyone has only 50k$ Use /cry.)
  • Other fixes and adjustments.


December, 2009

Version 15

CnR C2 Version 15 is designed for SA-MP 0.3. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.


  • If you place your house for sale, it can now be purchased while you are offline. If it's sold while you're not connected, you will receive the money the next time you spawn. This also applies when you lose your house for not having visited for 2 weeks. You have 2 weeks (real time) after the sale/loss of your house to claim the money or it is lost.
  • Added a new house stat for price purchased. If you purchased your house before this update, this will be "unknown".
  • Added house pet stats
  • Add house deliveries received stats
  • You can call for a house delivery to your house. You chose how much money to leave for the delivery.
  • Added a car save to many houses which didn't have one.
  • Added a few (181) new houses.
  • The Online House Map will be updated soon

Car Dealerships:

  • Each car dealership (6 of them) has certain vehicles for sale
  • You can buy out of town vehicles at car dealerships (cars not in the current city)
  • You can save out of town vehicles at your house if it has a car save point
  • You can always unlock a vehicle you purchased at a dealership, even if another player locks it
  • No crime for stealing a vehicle you purchased at a dealership.
  • Added tax credits for purchasing vehicles


  • Started adding christmas stuff!
  • Jail escape has been reworked, with a higher chance of successful escape and less chance of getting chained to your cell
  • Added /markets Command so you can see the current market/interest rates.
  • Money for birthday gifts is taken from your bank account first
  • Your drug tolerance (which goes up everytime you consume drugs) goes down each gameday
  • Added a new Law Enforcement Mission, "Domestic Disturbance". Visit the Police mission checkpoint.
  • Added a bonus for arrests and tickets collected during a Routine Patrol Law Enforcement mission.
  • Added pet stats for your current pet. Use the /pet menu or /petstats
  • Added minimum time between repairs at the garage checkpoints. This time is higher if you are wanted or have a hit placed on you.
  • You cannot use the garage repair checkpoints if you have a warrant and cops are close.
  • Added winter tires to all the cars.

Added since Version 14.1

  • Added the trashmaster to all cities, you can now do the Trash Collection mission in any city.
  • Added some more boats and vehicles
  • Replaced Deer Bait for drug plants with Plant Fertilizer. Fertilizer will make your plants grow faster, but deer will be more attracted to them.
  • You can only buy drugs from the drug refill points if you're a drug dealer. Other civilians can still buy items and sell fresh drugs, but cannot buy drugs at the refill point.
  • Car garages / Police garages now fully repair your vehicle and fix any popped tires.
  • House car save will save car colors and car mods
  • You can buy fighting styles at any city gym (1 gym per city). Fighting styles will save
  • New smoking action. Type /td with no quantity to free smoke. Then press the fire button to smoke 5 grams at a time. You can still use /td (qty) to smoke just once.
  • New drug info display text draw on the right of your screen when you take drugs.
  • New drinking action, press fire to drink.
  • New drunk animations
  • Cops can drive drunk
  • Crime report sounds for cops. What you hear is real information on a suspects vehicle.
  • Fixed the 10-codes for the in game cop radio. Some codes have been replaced, and the old ones have been moved.
  • Much lower chance of bad drugs
  • Lowered pet prices
  • Lowered pet training prices
  • Anyone with a pet can offer to /petfight even without pet training
  • Truck trailers
  • Trailer bonus for completing a delivery with a trailer
  • New vehicle types in each city (new vehicles are still being added, only a few have been added so far)
  • Lowered the distance from cops and time needed for your wanted level to go down
  • Smooth weather changes (sa-mp feature)
  • Lowered the chance of foggy/sandstorm weather
  • Changed the Cop Hotkey button to ticket before asking to pull over
  • You can now buy any type of delivery truck at a Xoomer garage checkpoint


  • Train bots (5 trains)
  • Bots at the PDs
  • Bots at each city hall
  • Bots at each RPC
  • Prostitute bot in each city
  • Drug dealer bot in each city
  • Fisherman bot
  • Press the Look Behind Button (default = MMB) to interact with most of the NPCs or type /buy or /sex or /drugs
  • The bots will respond to many in-game actions


July 5, 2009

Beta 14

Death / New Life System:

  • Death now results in automatic medical fees, and you will continue your current life
  • Medical fees are based on the CnR Prime rate, and decrease every day you stay alive between deaths
  • The only way to clear your current life and begin a new life is with /newlife
  • Pressing F4 no longer automatically starts a new life (you will continue your current life)
  • Quitting while dead or during class selection will no longer start a new life
  • Unfair deaths are still free
  • Death in jail is free, but you must complete your sentence.
  • If you die in jail and haven't killed anyone, you receive 1 free cell change on respawn
  • Life insurance covers medical fees, and lets you keep your weapons and gun permit on death
  • You can only carry 1 life insurance policy at a time
  • Those of you who currently have multiple life insurance policies will be able to keep them until they are used


  • Prostitution is now legal in all cities
  • Prostitution is now legal for cops
  • Prostitutes can dance for money. /dance 4 to dance for money as a Prostitute.
  • /strip [amount] to give money to a dancing prostitute
  • Other players automatically pay for prostitutes dancing in strip clubs or bars, every 10 game minutes
  • /dance 4 [amount] To set your stripping fee as a prostitute in a bar or strip club

Prostitutes / Pimps:

  • Prostitutes can now have a pimp
  • Any civilian skill (except prostitute) can be a pimp
  • Pimps receive a percentage of their prostitutes sex-related earnings
  • Pimps pay for their prostitutes medical fees
  • Pimps receive notifications when their prostitutes are arrested or attacked
  • A Prostitute can have 1 pimp. A Pimp can have multiple prostitutes.
  • Pimps are NOT saved when a player quits the server
  • /pimp (nick/id) [percentage] To offer to work for a pimp / be a pimp
  • /pimphelp For a complete list of pimp related commands


  • A Kidnappers name is no longer displayed for all players when someone is kidnapped
  • Added a kidnapping bonus for kidnapping people
  • Added a hideout bonus for reaching a hideout with kidnapped victims
  • Kidnappers can select a fake skill to display for other players
  • /fakeskill to select a fake display skill, Driver is default fake skill
  • If using driver as a fake display skill, a kidnapper can chose when to appear on or off duty in a driver vehicle (/driver)

New Missions:

  • House Delivery Mission. Deliver goods to someone's house. Similar to truck deliveries, but without the vehicle restrictions.
  • Store Robbery Mission. Complete 5 Holdups in 8 Game Hours. You select the locations to rob.
  • Flower Delivery Mission. Deliver flowers to 5 different players in 6 hours.
  • LV Lawn Mowing Mission. Visit the golf course with a lawn mower!
  • You can now complete the Food Delivery mission in a Pizzaboy
  • Mission checkpoints are displayed on your radar as a Flag Icon

Truck Deliveries:

  • You can now exit your truck during a delivery
  • Your delivery will be cancelled if your truck respawns or if you enter another vehicle
  • Added a selection list for pickup location
  • Further and special pickup locations give you a pickup bonus
  • Delivery items increase in value each time they are delivered
  • Delivery bonus is now adjusted by the CnR Prime Rate
  • Fixed a bug where $ / game minute was only charged every 3 game minutes


  • Added a Driver Upgrade to Xoomer Garage checkpoints. This lets Drivers (taxi) use any vehicle as a Driver vehicle.
  • You can buy a delivery truck at Xoomer garages in Bone County, Flint County, Angel Pine and El Quebrados.
  • Added a Boat Buying checkpoint in each city
  • Casino / Mint / CB House robbery cash is now based on the amount of players and cops online
  • Cops can carry donuts and eat them to refill their health
  • /donut To eat a donut
  • Removed /petrelease Command. You can still release your pet from the /pet menu
  • Hitmen can complete hits with scripted deaths (rape to death, fish slap to death, ...)
  • Added /fishsellall Command to sell all your fish
  • Cops can only Pet Slap wanted criminals (warrant)
  • 50% Chance of not being chained to your cell on failed escape even if a cop is in range
  • Changed Courier bonus
  • Added Bail to status display when in jail
  • Fish market adjustments (again)
  • The CnR Prime rate is now automatically adjusted based on taxes collected
  • Money Rushes are now at random times
  • Added new money rush points
  • Fixed Pet Age / Size bugs
  • Fixed Kidnapper hideout checkpoint conflicts
  • Fixed other bugs and typos

Do We Start New Lives?

  • No, your life has NOT been reset.
  • However, ALL house storages have been cleared.
  • Everyone's money has been limited to a maximum amount.
  • The amount of money you will be left with depends on if you own a house or not
  • You each get 1 free Skill Change
  • Race challenge records have been cleared.


March 1, 2009

Beta 13

CnR Beta 13 is designed for SA-MP 0.2X. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Workers of the Day:

  • New Workers of the day
  • Trucker of the day
  • Fisherman of the day
  • Best Player of the day
  • Worst Player of the day
  • You can now get multiple awards
  • Workers of the day are done at 11:30 pm
  • /wotd to see the last workers of the day

Personal Pets:

  • Carry a personal pet with you
  • Buy pets at 24/7
  • Pets can be transfered to and from your houses from the house pet menu
  • Pets will defend you from attackers (pets attack people who attack you)
  • /petfor Pet main menu>
  • /petcmds for Pet Commands (all commands accessible from /pet menu)
  • Pet slapping people. You lose your pet when you petslap someone with it.
  • Pet attacking people. Your pet must be trained to attack on command.
  • Pet fights. Your pet must be trained to attack on command, and can fight other pets
  • $pet quickstring
  • Added pets to /myinfo and /inventory


  • Increased minimum hit fee to 10k$
  • Hitmen receive some money if a hit contract quits close to them
  • Fixed some issues with not getting hit money back for cancelled hits

Life Insurance:

  • Life insurance price now depends on prime rate.
  • Automatic life insurance, will automatically purchase life insurance when you die, if you have none and have enough money.
  • You can turn off automatic life insurance in /settings


  • New fish stuff, including 1 new fish you can keep.
  • Bonus fish of the day, with a minimum size
  • Fish prices (sell at 24/7) depend on supply / demand, and on the cnr prime rate.

Player Birthdays:

  • Stay alive 365 days and it's your birthday!
  • Receive gifts from other players
  • You cannot be attacked by other players on the day of your birthday

Total City Stats:

  • Total city stats can be seen on saturdays
  • /citystats for total city stats
  • City stats are automatically displayed at 11pm on saturdays


  • Item prices now depend on cnr prime rate. When the prime rate is higher, prices of goods are lower. (See pic below)
  • No bribing during robberies
  • Cops can corpse slap
  • You can mourn the last death even if the corpse isn't close to you
  • Cops below level 2 cannot receive bribes
  • Changed /spawn to /newlife to avoid confusion
  • Increased Money Rush bonus amount
  • Increased bail/ticket fees for most crimes
  • Split settings into game settings and text draw settings
  • New textdraw settings
  • You can no longer /login after having spawned, to prevent life loss.
  • All pickups have been redone, more pickups and new pickups.
  • You can use /arrest to continue police training.


CnR Prime Rate


November 16, 2008

Beta 12.5

CnR Beta 12.5 is designed for SA-MP 0.2.2 R3. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client. Click Here To Visit the SA-MP Website


  • More houses! There are now twice as many houses, more than 1150 in all of San Andreas.
  • House Co-Owners. Each player can be co-owner of 8 houses.
  • /coowner (nick/id) [house] to give someone co-owner keys to your house.
  • /colist to List and Discard your co-owner keys.
  • House Renting. Owners can set a daily rent fee. Each player can rent 10 houses.
  • /rent to List and Cancel your rent contracts.
  • House Access Password.
  • House Storage Access Password.
  • House visitors can place items into storage, but cannot remove items or see inventory.
  • House Pets, which can be named and can protect your house from intruders.
  • House Stats.
  • Redid House Evaluation display, includes car save info and bank resell price.
  • You can set your house for sale. Your houses can then be purchased when you are online.
  • New house options (in /houses menu) for house visitors.
  • Redid house car save, works for co-owners and rent tenants.
  • Full time police officers get a 10% discount when purchasing houses from the bank.
  • /hotbox Inside Houses.

Visit the Houses Page for more detailed information on new house features.


  • Fish Cooler that lets you carry 10 more fish on you. A Fish Cooler can be purchased at any Pier or Bait Shop. You will have to pay for ice for your cooler every gameday.
  • /cooler to Discard your fish cooler. You will lose any fish that you cannot carry.
  • Fish Sales Permit, which allows you to sell fish to other players. You will have to pay daily fish sales permit fees.
  • /fishprices to set your fish prices, once you have a fish sales permit.
  • /fishsell [nick/id] to offer fish to another player, once you have a fish sales permit.
  • /fishbuy to purchase fish from another player.
  • /fishmsg (msg) to send a message to other fishermen (when fishing on a boat).

Text Draws:

  • Fixed OST and Menus staying stuck on screen.
  • New OST Option to set position. (Bottom of screen or Below Chat) For the below chat position, the screen resolution you select will move the OST down or up so that it doesn't overlap onto the chat box.

Select the closest to your resolution.

Deathmatch Stadium:

  • Fixed the deathmatch stadium exit
  • Free entrance to the deathmatch stadium on Fridays
  • Ammo used inside the deathmatch stadium will not count towards your current life. Your ammo will be reset when you exit or die.


  • Added a money bonus for hunting (killing deer and hippies).
  • Added a public deer trap death message.


  • You can only sell freshly grown drugs at drug refill points.
  • Removed Casino Blacklisting.
  • Civilians now spawn at random spawn points after life insurance deaths.
  • Full time police officers start new lives with 1 life insurance policy (free).
  • Money for hit contracts is now taken when the contract is placed, so hitmen receive the full amount. The money is returned if the contract is cancelled.
  • Added new Truck Delivery and Courier items.
  • Redid the tax system.
  • Added anti-inflation measures.
  • Fixed other bugs and exploits.


September 2, 2008

Beta 12

CnR Beta 12 is designed for SA-MP 0.2.2 R3. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SA-MP Client.

Everyone will automatically begin New Lives for Beta 12.

New Items:

Chastity Belt

  • The Chastity belt is for those who want to avoid the sexual deviants in CnR. A Chastity belt prevents you from being raped or infected. It also prevents you from dying from being flashed and from catching diseases from being pissed or wanked on.
  • While wearing the chastity belt, you cannot rape, infect, flash, piss or wank. The high price of the chastity belt combined with the fact that you can only wear it once will make you think twice before discarding it. The Chastity Belt lasts about 1 game week, after which it will automatically break off.

Gun Permit

Ammunations will refuse to sell weapons to civilians without a Gun Permit. You can still purchase weapons from Arms Dealers, however it will be considered a crime. Law Enforcement Agents do not need a Gun Permit.

Adrenaline Pill

The Adrenaline Pill will heal you and cure all your diseases instantly. It will also remove and drugs and alcohol from your system. You can only carry one adrenaline pill at a time.

Drug Bag

A Drug Bag lets you carry more drugs. Drug bags, like plant GPSs, are removed by the police when you are arrested.

Deer Bait

Deer bait can be placed on your drug plants to attract more deer. Warning! This product also makes deer more aggressive.

Deer Trap

A Deer Trap can be placed close to your plants to protect them from deer. Deer Traps will catch any deer which attack your plants, but will not protect your plants entirely from other players or hippies. Deer traps will injure other players who enter them. Deer traps are good for one catch only, and must be replaced after. Deer Traps can be tracked on a Plant GPS.


New food items in all restaurants. Vegetarian items included! Eating too much will result in vomiting or worse consequences.


New weapon selections in all ammunations. A Gun Permit is required for civilians purchasing Guns. Ammunations will also refuse to sell weapons to any wanted (warrant) criminals.

Casino Bars:

Added a bar to each casino.

Police Garage:

A Checkpoint in each Police Garage where Law Enforcement Agents can fix their vehicles engine (body and tires don't get fixed), buy NOS for their vehicle and respawn their vehicle.

Bank Insurance:

Bank Insurance will protect your Bank Account from bank robberies. Bank Insurance will remove 2% of your account balance per game day to cover insurance fees. You can purchase Bank Insurance at the bank.

Workers of the Day:

Added Medic of The Day, Driver of the Day and Salesman of the Day. Salesman includes any class that sells things: Arms Dealers, Medics, Street Vendors and Drug Dealers.

Lotto and Workers of the Day Text Draw:

New TextDraw box for Lottery and Workers of the Day. If you don't like this box, you can turn it off (and have lotto results and workers of the day in chat) in the /settings menu.

Money Rush:

The Mafia keeps losing bags of money in San Andreas. Like the bonus vehicle, find the bag of money first and you get to keep the money! Money Rush ads are displayed in the OST. Type /moneyrush or /mrush for Money Rush information.


  • You no longer have to quit and rejoin on city changes. (Testing)
  • Increased car sell (crane) prices.
  • New Showoff Animation (/showoff 20)
  • Message Of The Day (MOTD) on first spawn.
  • Increased Arms Dealers prices to match ammunation prices.
  • Set a maximum of sell items you can carry for Arms Dealers, Street Vendors, Medics and Food Vendors.
  • Added more options to /refill menus for Arms Dealers, Street Vendors, Medics and Food Vendors.
  • /suspects, /warrants and /mostwanted listed by distance, and in a textdraw.
  • New Locations (Restaurants, 24/7s, Sex Shops) Yes, there's a Sex Shop in San Fierro
  • /druginfo (/di) TextDraw
  • Donating Players can turn CnR Ads off in the /settings menu.
  • Drivers on duty in Air Vehicles can no longer change their fare or eject passengers.
  • Race Challenge and DM Stadium records are now shared between both servers.
  • Race Challenge and DM Stadium records have been cleared (sorry Llama :P ).
  • Each player can now only have 1 Race Challenge record per Race Challenge. (like DM Stadium Records)
  • New Truck Delivery items.
  • Bonus Vehicle information is now in the OST.
  • Redid kidnapper hideout points.
  • Fixed Ammo Save issues.
  • Fixed kidnapper hideout auto-remove after a certain amount of time.
  • Fixed other bugs and exploits.

And now that you've read all that, time to forget it all:


  • More than 500 houses throughout San Andreas!
  • From trailer parks to huge mansions, you get to chose what you want!
  • Keep in mind that houses are Expensive!

Houses have too many features to describe here, so please visit the Houses Page for complete house information.


June 20, 2008

Beta 11


  • Textdraw issues in SA-MP are now resolved in R3. You can safely use all TextDraws.
  • All textdraw / display options have been reset for everyone.
  • New speedometer textdraw at bottom right of screen (replaces old speedometer)
  • New status textdraw at bottom right when in mission / robbery etc..
  • New textdraws for many things.
  • Re-enabled the OST (text at bottom center of screen)
  • As usual, you can use /settings to configure everything or use the classic systems.

Drug Planting / Buying / Selling:

  • Entering your own drug plant checkpoint now brings up a plant info. textdraw (with plant size).
  • /harvest Command to harvest your own plants.
  • New "Very Big" size added to plant GPS display.
  • Buy and Sell prices at drug refill points are affected by actual supply and demand.

Deathmatch Stadiums:

  • 1 Deathmatch Stadium per city
  • Entrance fee + fee per life, make money for killing people!
  • Kills and deaths don't affect your in-game life
  • Deathmatch Stadium top 10 records saved per city (1 record per person)


  • Restored aprox. 60 vehicles per city that were removed due to texture lag (mostly out of town vehicles)
  • Less weapons on new life spawn to reduce DMing
  • Disabled Casino Gambling
  • New sit anims (/sit 11, /sit 12)
  • Anim for taking bad drugs
  • /cry Command and Anim
  • Fixed other bugs


April 5, 2008

Beta 10


  • Car Sell Mission (civilian only) checkpoint
  • Police Patrol Mission (police only) checkpoint at the PD
  • Food Delivery Mission (civilian only) in Mr.Whoopees and Hotdog vans
  • Drug Delivery Mission (civilian only) checkpoint
  • Trash Pickup Mission (civilian, LS only) in Trashmasters
  • Use the SUB-MISSION Button during a mission for information

See the Missions page for more information

City Race Challenges:

  • /challenge command to begin a race challenge
  • 20 different race challenges, some vehicle specific
  • Circuit races (finds closest point to start) and Point to point races (fixed start)
  • Top 10 records saved permenantly for each challenge (per city)
  • $chal quickstring (current challenge)

See the Race Challenges page for more information

Class Selection:

  • New class selection areas
  • Current life class displayed on join


  • Pickup animation
  • Drug take animation
  • New sit/liedown anims (/sit [1-10])
  • The original sit style (can be rotated) is style 10
  • New showoff anims (/showoff [1-19])
  • You can specify the showoff animation number (1 to 19)
  • Idle animations (automatically applied if idle for a while) (/idle 1-8)
  • /carkick (/ck) animation
  • /headshake (/hs) animation
  • New Corpse Slap animations (/bitchslap)
  • /follow command
  • /time animation
  • New lose animation (horse bets, dice)
  • Robbery animations
  • Eating animations

New Locations:

  • New Diners (LV, SF, Fort Carson)
  • Truck Stops (Dilimore, LasBarrancas, LasPayasadas)
  • CnR Soup Factory (used to be the Slaughterhouse)
  • New sexshops in LS and LV
  • New 24/7 in LS
  • SF Federal Mint

Robberies / Holdups:

  • New Robbery location: San Andreas Federal Mint in SF
  • New Robbery location: CrazyBob's House in LS
  • Holdups in many locations (bars, strip clubs, dance clubs)
  • Removed holdups in Ammunation
  • New Robbery Hideouts
  • New Robbery hideout quickstring ($hideout)
  • Decreased amount robbed from casinos and banks

New Login System:

  • Your total stats and score are still saved, but everyone will start a new life.
  • Your settings/options have been reset to default settings
  • Any players with negative scores have had their scores set to 0
  • Players with negative scores will now have their accounts deleted regularly
  • Multiple accounts are no longer allowed (even for regular players). ALL multiple accounts will be deleted
  • We will be much more strict with abusive/exploting players (ie: accounts deleted)


  • New Fish types and things to catch
  • Fish records text draw
  • Fish info text draw
  • Less wait time between fishing when you have a valid fishing permit

Drug Planting:

  • Increased maximum plant size
  • Something new to "hunt" :P
  • Plant GPS removed on arrest


  • No more deporting in LS!! (3 jail cells)
  • More comfortable jails in SF and LS
  • New San Fierro Jail Cell
  • Playing /dice is now legal in jail

Food, Drinks, Food Vendors:

  • New food and drink items
  • Different drinks = different alcohol level
  • Food vendor selection menus (like other sales skills)
  • Food vendor can change their prices (/prices)
  • Cafeine reduces blood alcohol level

Quickstrings for (nick/id) commands:

(ex: /rape $ply)

  • $ply Closest Player
  • $civ Closest Civilian
  • $cop Closest Cop
  • $law Closest Law Enforcement
  • $sus Closest Suspect
  • $war Closest Warrant
  • $drv Closest Driver
  • $med Closest Medic

Courier Missions/Truck Deliveries:

  • New delivery locations
  • New delivery items
  • Public courier completed delivery messages
  • Press SUB-MISSION Button during delivery for info


  • /robberies to list current robberies for cops modified
  • New 10-codes (10-101 to 10-150) (Thanks to the SAPD Team)
  • Securicar selling in Los Santos (Warrant, higher price) You can sell 1 per gameday.
  • Replaced the SWAT truck in LS
  • You can now close Textdraw menus in a vehicle with the honk button
  • Vehicles you can sell at the crane and their prices are now random
  • Added more Out of Town vehicles
  • Better checkpoints for Calls, Deliveries, Hideouts, Missions...
  • Added playerid to /info
  • /records commands (Challenge records and Fishing records)
  • New textdraw menus for many things/information commands
  • You can now /flipoff the same player twice in a row (no risk of killing the second time)
  • New /stats, /morestats and /total Textdraws
  • Lowered police vehicle respawn time
  • Person on person crime (rape, rob, etc..) in Police Department = Automatic Warrant
  • Added wanted level increase for shooting near ALL law enforcements (medics, arms dealers)
  • Cannot enter the Regular Players Club when a hit is placed on you
  • Scratch'N'Win (purchase at any 24/7 or city hall)
  • /groupleader (nick/id) Group Leader Transfer command
  • Penalty for accepting multiple bribes from the same player(s)
  • /calls to list current calls
  • /inventory (/inv) Command
  • Redid daily pays for all skills
  • Maximum condom carry amount increased to 10
  • Fixed other bugs
  • Fixed some scoring and money exploits