Hello everyone! As part of our ongoing improvements to CnR, today we are happy to announce the newest feature coming soon: the CnR Marketplace. In order to make the game better for everyone, we will be removing free access to certain in-game items and adding a CnR Marketplace section on the website where you can purchase these items and much more as a one time purchase or as a monthly subscription. We believe this will be a big improvement to CnR, as you will be able to customize your gaming experience as much as you like. The CnR Marketplace will accept most forms of payment, including all major credit cards, paypal and bitcoin.

One of the featured new items will be the CnR Premium Pass, which will give you free* access to all future CnR DLCs, and two-week early access to all new updates. Some of the other featured items include skins for all your weapons, vehicles, and character. A full list of all the items available for purchase will be found on the CnR Marketplace website page once we release Version 24, which is coming soon, so stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, here is a small preview of some of the items you will find on the Marketplace:

Item One Time Price Monthly Subscription
CnR Premium Pass $64.99 Not Available
Regular Player Status $49.99 $24.99/month
Life Insurance (1 Life) $12.95 $5.95/month
Vehicle Instafix (1) $9.95 $3.95/month
In-Game House $24.99 $14.99/month
Hotring Vehicle (1 Per Join) $24.95 $11.99/month
Police Infernus (1 Per Join) $34.95 $15.95/month
5 Different Skins For Weapons $39.95 per weapon $15.95/month per weapon
Personalized Billboard $89.99 $39.95/month
Keybinds for Commands $69.99 $33.99/month
In-Game Tax Discount $24.95 $9.95/month
Random RDM Protection $29.99 $10.95/month
Lagshot For Your Account $69.99 $33.99/month
CrazyBob will wave at you 3 times $29.99 Not Available
Access To Super-Secret 3rd Server $99.99 $49.95/month
Become Admin $499.95 $199.95/month

*Free DLC access may include certain fees. Early access only available for any update not yet released.
Applicable taxes not included in prices. Shipping and Handling fee of $12.95 applies to all items. Certain conditions may apply.