Hello everyone! A quick update to let you know that SA-MP 0.3c has now been released! Both servers have been updated to 0.3c, so you will have to download and install the new SA-MP Client, or you will not be able to connect to the CnR servers. A big thanks to the SA-MP Team for this new update! Visit the SA-MP Website to download the SA-MP 0.3c Client.

We'd also like to wish all the CnR players happy holidays and a happy new year. We hope to see you all on the servers in 2011. The CnR Christmas Event is now on both servers, we hope you have fun! As usual, we'll be working on a new CnR update which will use more of the new features in 0.3c. So happy holidays once again, and see you on the servers!

SA-MP Website - Download and Install the SA-MP 0.3c Client
CnR Forums - Find out what's new

SA-MP 0.3c Released