"Cb CnR does not need Xmas trees and helmets in your head"

I disagree! That's why today, we're bringing you the CnR Hat Clothes* update! Yes, long gone are the days when clothes and clothing accessories could only be enjoyed in First Person Shooters!

So as you've all guessed, Version 17 has been released! We've added some new game features like hats clothes, which are a great addition from SA-MP 0.3c, but only accessible to admins until now. We've also made a few changes and improvements, like a /faq command for newer players. Check out the What's New Page for a complete list of what's new and what's changed. And as usual, you'll find the most recent information on the forums, be sure to drop in!

In other news, CnR will be celebrating it's 5th anniversary next month! Yes, 5 years of CnR! I want to thank everyone who's made this possible, and all the great players who have made CnR what it is today. If you have old pictures, videos or stories from the servers, we want to see them on the forums! The admins will also be hosting lots of events over the next month or so. So see you all on the server with your hats, and have fun!

*Clothes being a completely original CnR idea, not copied from any team type games involving fortresses.

CnR C2 Version 17 - What's New / Changed

CnR Version 17 Released!