Happy Halloween everyone! Once again it's time for Pumpkins and Trick or Treating, and so we have released the annual Halloween Update. Put on your best costume and have your holy cross ready, because the Zombie invasion has arrived!

For those of you who are new to the CnR Halloween Update, here's a brief list of the special features you will find on the servers during the holiday event: You can Trick or Treat by visiting any owned house, and house owners can decide what they give out to trick or treaters. Players can become possessed by demons, which can be spread to other players by using the /possess command, or get rid of by visiting any church. There are also pumpkins hidden at random places across the city which you can find to receive a gift. As usual with CnR holiday events, you can use the /givegift command to give gifts to other players, and the bots and admins will also be giving out gifts.

We've also added some special pets that you can only receive through gifts, and special holiday food items that can only be purchased from stores during the Halloween event. These food items can still be sold by vendor skills after the holiday event, so be sure to stock up now. We hope you enjoy this years Halloween Update, have fun and beware of witches hiding in the woods!

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Happy Halloween