Hello everyone! I know it's been a while, but Beta 14 is now here! We've tried to add a lot of new game features, like new missions. We've also given two of the least popular classes, prostitute and kidnapper, some fun new stuff. We also wanted to reduce some of the frustration caused by the death / new life system. CnR has changed a lot over the years, and players now have many reasons to want to keep their lives going, such as houses or birthdays. This is why the new life system has been completely redone, with the idea that only you can decide when you want to clear your current data and start a new life. The new system also encourages you to live longer, by reducing your medical fees every day you stay alive.

Check out the What's New page to find out what's been changed and what's been added. I'll try to get the website reference section updated with information about the new missions and features over the next week.

CnR C2 Beta 14 - What's New