Hey everyone, lots of news today! First of all, CnR C2 Version 18 is now on the servers! We've made a few changes that should give you a few new things to do, like the new Mechanic skill. Have you ever wanted a mobile mod shop? Well now you have it! We've also changed the driver job, added bot bus drivers, and we added almost all the gta skins. For a complete list of what's new and what's changed, visit the What's New Page. Detailed information about the new features will be added to the Game Information section over the next few days, so check back soon.

In other news, our servers now have two new IPs. You will not be able to connect to the old IPs. Please add the new IPs to your favourites list. Don't forget to donate to help keep CnR running! Have fun, and see you all on the servers!

Server 1 NEW IP:
Server 2 NEW IP:

CnR C2 Version 18 - What's New / Changed