Happy Halloween everyone! As one of the many CnR Holiday Traditions, the 2013 CnR Halloween Update is now on the servers! This will be our fourth Halloween event, and once again, the zombies have arrived.

The Halloween Update has all the usual halloween features, from Trick or Treating to Demon Possessions and Exorcisms. If you aren't familiar with the halloween features, check out the What's New / Changed page for a complete list of special features and changes. As a special bonus, we've also enabled player gift giving, so be generous!

We've also added a Player Reputation system, you can read all the details on the What's New / Changed page. As usual there will be halloween player stats for this years event, which will be added to the stats page soon. We'll also be adding the version 21 stats, so be sure to check back soon!

Happy Halloween!

CnR Ver 21.666 Halloween Update - What's New / Changed

Happy Halloween