Hello everyone! Today we bring you an entirely new website, with a completely different style. The old CnR website was hard to maintain, most of it was still on the original website theme, and the content was terribly outdated. I just didn't have time to take care of it properly, so the CnR admins came together to bring you a fully updated website.

Not only has all the content been updated, but this new website will make it much easier to post news updates, so we'll be able to keep you updated on what's going on more often. We'll also keep the actual content updated as often as possible. Please note that we've moved over all the old news posts, but some older links in them might not work.

I'd like to thank all the admins who worked hard to bring you this new website with updated content. In particular, vv2v for the original concept, JRN for graphics and design, xenex for initial setup and testing, Carl2 and Juicy09royalty who spent countless hours writing most of the content, and all the other admins who helped out.

In other news, we'll be getting back to working on a new script update. There's still lots of features planned for CnR, so check back soon for more information. Don't forget to Donate to help keep CnR running! The server is paid for monthly, so we always need your help! See you all on the servers!

Welcome to the new website!