August 13th 2007 - CnR Beta 9 Released

Hey everyone!! Cops And Robbers C2 Beta 9 is here!!! We've been listening to your requests and suggestions, and this release should make many people happy. There's tons of new animations, and animation related commands. There's also a new "Busted" sequence that should make arrests more interesting for both cop and suspect! Be sure to check out the forums to find out exactly what's new and what's changed. The Help Section of the website has also been updated with all the latest commands.

Don't forget to visit the Screenshot Gallery and our IRC Chat! Have fun, see you on the server!

August 6th 2007 - CnR Beta 9 Almost Here!

Hello everyone! I know it's been quite a while since the last website update, so I just wanted to let you all know that we're still alive and kicking! CnR C2 Beta 9 is now in final testing, so it should be ready very soon. Visit our IRC Chat for the latest news. You can expect to see many new things in this update, along with some fixes. We've also got some more great stuff lined up for the next release too, so stay tuned!

I've also updated the Rules page, and I'll be updating most of the help section as soon as Beta 9 is released. See you all soon!

June 27th 2007 - SA-MP 0.2 Released

Hey everyone, as most of you already know, SA-MP 0.2 has been released! You'll need the latest version of the client (0.2.1) to connect to the server. Head on over to the SA-MP Website to download it. New features are still being added to the script, so you can expect a few updates soon. Visit the forums for the latest information. See you on the server, and have fun!

June 3rd 2007 - CnR Beta 7 Released

Hello Everyone! As promised, Version C2 Beta 7 of the script is here! There's some great new features like bank robberies, holdups and smuggling missions. Check out the forums to find out exactly what's new. With SA-MP 0.2 coming soon, we'll be working on getting the new stuff into the script for it's release. Check out the SA-MP Website for the latest news and details about 0.2

Don't forget to visit the Screenshot Galleries, and check out the Player Stats (by Mr.X), which are now automatically updated every day.

May 22nd 2007 - CnR Beta 6.3 Released

Hey everyone! Sorry if there haven't been many updates lately, I've been pretty busy with other stuff... I should have more free time now, so you can expect Beta 7 sometime soon! You might have noticed that Beta 6.3 is now on the server, but there are no new features, just a few bugs and exploits fixed. Also, if you're waiting for your forum account to be activated, I suggest you come hang out in the IRC Chat a bit...

Anyways the biggest news today is that Mr.X has completely redone the Player Stats. The new interface loads ALOT quicker, is much easier to read and has a nice Rank and Stats/Alive Time feature. It should also be easier to update it much more often. Be sure to check it out! Player Stats