May 7th 2007 - CnR Beta 6.2 Released

Hi everyone! Not much news today, Version C2 Beta 6.2 is now on the server, I hope you all enjoy it! As you've all probably noticed, we now have banners made by the players at the top of the web site pages. A random one is displayed everytime you load a page, so hit refresh to see different ones.

Mr.X is also working on a new interface for the player stats, it should be alot easier to browse and alot quicker to load! We'll give you more information when it's ready. Be sure to check out the forums for all the latest news, visit the IRC Chat and don't forget the Screenshot Galleries. Happy planting everyone!

Image By Ponch

April 21st 2007 - CnR Beta 6 Released

It's here! Version C2 Beta 6 of the script is now out, with alot of new features. Visit the forums to find out exactly what's new and what's fixed or changed. Due to an early release, some big features were left out, but we'll be working hard to get another release out soon.

I've also updated the help and commands sections, and the regular players list. As usual, be sure to visit the Screenshot Gallery, vote for your favorites and post your pics! See you all on the server!

April 1st 2007 - Happy Pink April Fools!

Hey everyone! I hope you all saw the Rockstar GTA IV Trailer... "Things Will Be Different" Hopefully they won't wait too long before releasing a PC version... In the meantime, we're still working on the script and adding new things, keep the suggestions and bug / typo reports coming! We've got a few great new surprises planned, so stay tuned for more info. Don't forget to visit the Screenshot Gallery, and vote for your favorite pics!

PS: Have a Pink April Fools Day!

March 22nd 2007 - Some news

Hey everyone. Just wanted you to know that we're still alive, and as always, we're still working on the script! We've got some more great features coming for Beta 6, so stay tuned! Visit the Forums or IRC Chat for the latest news, and don't forget the Screenshot Gallery!

Also, some regulars have started a little online newspaper about CnR, called "The CnR Weekly Word". It has some great articles about different server events and players, be sure to check it out!

March 9th 2007 - CnR Beta 5 Released

Hi Everyone! Version C2 Beta 5 of the script is currently on the server, I hope you enjoy the new features! I've finally updated the website, so new information has been added to the help section. I've also added a ton of new screenshots, so be sure to visit the gallery. I'd also like to point out that the SA-MP Dev. Team has released a preview of SA-MP 0.2, there's two great videos that will show you some of the stuff they've been working on! Flying Monster trucks FTW! :D Visit their web site for the videos...

Click Here For The Official SA-MP Website

Click Here For The Screenshot Gallery