January 5th 2008 - CnR Beta 9.8 Released

Happy New Years To All The CnR Players! I hope you all had lots of fun during the holidays! We've been hard at work on the script and other goodies. As you've all noticed, Version C2 Beta 9.8 is now on the server, and we'll be working on Beta 10 during the next few weeks.

Mr.X has also released a fully interactive San Andreas Map and an Online Map that shows the players on the server, so be sure to check them out!

As usual, don't forget the Screenshot Galleries and the IRC Chat! Hope to see you on the server soon!

CnR Online Map (By Mr.X)

December 2nd 2007 - Beta 10 In Progress

Hi everyone! I'm sorry if the website hasn't been updated sooner, but we've all been pretty busy. Work on the next script update (Beta 10) is coming along well, but lately I've been working on optimizing the core of the script for more players. We will probably be releasing another update before Beta 10, with the optimized core, some bug fixes and gameplay adjustments, and with a few new features that are ready and tested. This update should be ready for final testing very soon.

In the meantime, remember to visit our Screenshot Gallery and the IRC Chat (#cnr on GTANet). See you on the server soon!

September 23rd 2007 - New Server Now Online

Hey everyone! After a few problems, our new server is finally up and running. You can find it on the internet list in the SA-MP server browser. I hope everyone enjoys the new server! If you want to help us keep it running, please Donate! Now that the server issues are settled, we'll be able to continue work on Beta 10, which should have many new features.

I also wanted to make sure that everyone has the latest release of the SA-MP client, which is 0.2.2 R2. This is not the same as 0.2.2, please make sure you have R2. If not, head over to the SA-MP Website to get it. Have fun and see you on the server!

September 1st 2007 - SA-MP 0.2.2 R2 Released

Hi everyone! Just a little bit of news. First of all, our new 50 player server is now up and running! This is now the new official CnR server. If you have any issues with the new server, please feel free to contact us. I'd like to thank Pole Ice for finding the new host, and everyone who donated for keeping CnR alive. Thank you! The new server is up now, but we still have to pay for it, so if you want to help please visit the Donations page.

I'd also like to mention that SA-MP 0.2.2 R2 is now out. You will need this new version if you want to join CnR, so head over to the SA-MP Website to download it. Have fun and see you on the server!

August 27th 2007 - Donate!

Hello everyone! Some of you may have noticed the new "Donate" button on the website... Unfortunatly as of October 1st, CrazyBob's Cops And Robbers will not be able to continue on it's current host. We have found a new host that suits our needs, and where we'll even be able to expand if necessary, so if we receive enough donations the server will be moving to the new host at the beginning of October.
More detailed information is available on the forums. If you want to help, please visit the donations page. Thank You!

I'd also like to thank everyone who helped us test the new server over the past few days. It was nice to see two full 32 player Cnr Servers. Thanks everyone!