February 27th 2011 - CnR Version 17 Released!

"Cb CnR does not need Xmas trees and helmets in your head"

I disagree! That's why today, we're bringing you the CnR Hat Clothes* update! Yes, long gone are the days when clothes and clothing accessories could only be enjoyed in First Person Shooters!

So as you've all guessed, Version 17 has been released! We've added some new game features like hats clothes, which are a great addition from SA-MP 0.3c, but only accessible to admins until now. We've also made a few changes and improvements, like a /faq command for newer players. Check out the What's New Page for a complete list of what's new and what's changed. And as usual, you'll find the most recent information on the forums, be sure to drop in!

In other news, CnR will be celebrating it's 5th anniversary next month! Yes, 5 years of CnR! I want to thank everyone who's made this possible, and all the great players who have made CnR what it is today. If you have old pictures, videos or stories from the servers, we want to see them on the forums! The admins will also be hosting lots of events over the next month or so. So see you all on the server with your hats, and have fun!

*Clothes being a completely original CnR idea, not copied from any team type games involving fortresses.

CnR C2 Version 17 - What's New / Changed

CnR Version 17 Released!

December 28th 2010 - SA-MP 0.3c Released!

Hello everyone! A quick update to let you know that SA-MP 0.3c has now been released! Both servers have been updated to 0.3c, so you will have to download and install the new SA-MP Client, or you will not be able to connect to the CnR servers. A big thanks to the SA-MP Team for this new update! Visit the SA-MP Website to download the SA-MP 0.3c Client.

We'd also like to wish all the CnR players happy holidays and a happy new year. We hope to see you all on the servers in 2011. The CnR Christmas Event is now on both servers, we hope you have fun! As usual, we'll be working on a new CnR update which will use more of the new features in 0.3c. So happy holidays once again, and see you on the servers!

SA-MP Website - Download and Install the SA-MP 0.3c Client
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SA-MP 0.3c Released

December 20th 2010 - Testing SA-MP 0.3c

Happy holidays everyone! This will be our fourth christmas on SA-MP, so we've planned a few surprises! We're doing a special update today, the CnR Christmas Update on a new version of SA-MP, SA-MP 0.3c. However, since SA-MP 0.3c is still in beta testing, this update will only be applied to CnR Server #1 for the time being.

This means you will have to download and install the new SA-MP Client if you want to join server 1. We've added some special holiday features, like decorations and gifts. You can expect even more new holiday features to be added throughout the week. Visit the Forums for a complete list of all the new features and script changes.

In the meantime, you can come join the CnR Christmas event on Server #1! Server #2 will still be running SA-MP 0.3b for now. If you've installed SA-MP 0.3c, you will have to reinstall SA-MP 0.3b if you want to connect to 0.3b servers.

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October 22nd 2010 - CnR Version 16 Released

It's finally here! After a lot of work, Version 16 is now on the server. This release has quite a few new game features, and lots of fixes and adjustments. From a GPS to help people find locations, to a stock market which expands upon the CnR economy, there should be enough new stuff to keep you busy for a while! Check out the What's New Page for a complete list of new features and changes.

As usual, you, the players, are the best testers out there. Be sure to report any issues with the new version on the Forums. Finally, don't forget to donate to help keep CnR running! We've still got more updates and more new features planned, but we need your help to support the costs of hosting the servers and website.

I hope you enjoy the update, have fun and see you on the server!

CnR C2 Version 16 - What's New

CnR Version 16 Released

August 21st 2010 - SA-MP 0.3b Released

Hi everyone! Time for a little update on what's been going on... First of all, a new version of SA-MP has been released. SA-MP 0.3b includes important security fixes as well as new features. Visit the SA-MP Website for complete details. The CnR servers have been updated to SA-MP 0.3b, so you will need to download and install the new SA-MP Client, or you will not be able to connect.

Furthermore, a new CnR update is on the way. Version 16 will include many much needed fixes along with some new features. More information on this update will be coming soon. If you want to support CnR and keep the servers running, please remember to donate if you can! We've gone on this long thanks to the community, and I'd like to thank everyone who supports CnR.

In other news, we now have new CnR Discussion Forums. Be sure to check them out, you'll find lots of useful info there. It's also a great place to get to know the CnR community. We've also moved our Official IRC Channel to a new network, irc.tl. Feel free to come and chat!

Official SA-MP Website - Download SA-MP 0.3b
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